Zack Snyder Won’t Reveal Who’s Inside Man of Steel’s Kryptonian Pod

Zack Snyder knows the identity of who is in the open pod in Man of Steel – but he doesn’t want to share who it is just yet. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is right around the corner and HBO Max began the press tour for the upcoming film with Snyder sharing tidbits about the project and teases for what he had planned later on down the road. One question that has been on many fans’ minds since 2013 concerns an open Kryptonian pod, and what it was meant to lead to.

In Man of Steel, Clark Kent is investigating the crashed Kryptonian scout ship in the Arctic for the first time when he comes across a series of pods that contain long-dead Kryptonians. The camera then reveals one pod that has already been opened, but it’s never referenced again in that film or in the sequel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. When the team returns to the scout ship in 2017’s Justice League the pod isn’t shown either, leaving many fans to speculate who was inside the pod. Zack Snyder knows who it is, but won’t quite say.

During an interview with Terri Schwartz during IGN Fan Fest 2021, a fan-submitted question asked about who was in the Kryptonian pod. Snyder revealed that he knows who it was supposed to be, but won’t say. He says the pod is shown in his cut of Justice League but the identity of the person who was in it is not disclosed. Snyder says he hopes that people will find out who was in it soon but won’t reveal that information just yet – in case his cancelled Justice League sequel ever actually gets made.

There most common theory is that this pod belonged to Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. Given the fact that the pod is on a Kryptonian ship, Kara’s traditional origin story as another survivor of Krypton’s destruction, and later announcements of a planned Supergirl film, this seemed like a reasonable guess. Yet Snyder debunked these claims in 2018 and said the pod was not teasing Supergirl but “something more.” That tease seems to imply that whatever was in the pod was something tying more into Snyder’s immediate Justice League plans in his five-film arc starting with Man of Steel and eventually ending in his Justice League trilogy.

It is entirely possible it could be the Martian Manhunter, another alien who is set to appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League played by Harry Lennix, and that he has been hiding on Earth this whole time. If it was teasing a potential threat for Superman in a later film, possibly a Man of Steel sequel, it could have contained Brainiac – one of Superman’s arch enemies, who could have even been a potential Justice League villain. It could even be a hint at the character the Eradicator, who is a major player in the “Reign of the Supermen” storyline that Snyder is drawing inspiration from in his Justice League. But for now, the identity of the pod person remains a mystery.

Source: IGN

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