WoW: Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Loot & Rewards Explained

With BlizzCon 2021 quickly approaching, the weekly event for World of Warcraft focuses on Mists of Pandaria. Like past Timewalking events, players can complete past dungeons in exchange for loot and rewards, including a mount that can only be obtained during Timewalking in WoW. It’s a great way to get Castle Nathria loot from the Shadowlands expansion, level alts, and have fun in older content while waiting for BlizzCon 2021 to arrive this weekend.

BlizzCon 2021 will arrive on February 19th, and there are already several WoW showcases planned. The BlizzCon 2021 schedule is pretty packed, and while waiting for the big day to arrive, the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking event is now live in World of Warcraft. As in past Timewalking events, players can complete older dungeons from the specific expansion in order to get loot and rewards. It’s also a good way to level alts or collect reputation, since there’s a 50% increased reputation bonus earned from quests and killing monsters associated with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

It’s been almost ten years since Mists of Pandaria was announced at BlizzCon in 2011, so it’s a great way to celebrate that milestone ahead of BlizzCon this year. The Timewalking loot that drops in Mists of Pandaria dungeons is ilvl 158, and loot from Timewalking vendors is ilvl 138. However, players will have a chance to get a piece of ilvl 200 loot by completing five dungeons as part of the weekly Timewalking quest.

To get the ilvl 200 loot from Shadowlands‘ Castle Nathria, players will have to complete five Mists of Pandaria dungeons this week while having the quest “A Shrouded Path Through Time” active. After completing five dungeons, they’ll receive a Cache of Nathrian Treasures, which will contain a piece of Normal loot from Castle Nathria.

The bosses in the featured dungeons will also have a chance of dropping the Reins of the Infinite Timereaver, which gives players access to the Infinite Timereaver mount. The mount is only available during Timewalking, and it has a pretty low drop rate, so it’s far from one of the easiest mounts in WoW to get. Still, it’s a really nice reward for any players who are lucky enough to get it.

The Timewalking events in World of Warcraft are a great way to level alts, earn rewards, and have fun in past content like the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Ahead of BlizzCon this weekend, it’s also nice to look back at WoW‘s history before seeing what the future has in store for the MMORPG.

Source: Wowhead

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