Wonder Woman Just Turned Down DC’s Most Powerful Role

Warning: contains spoilers for Infinite Frontier #0

In Infinite FrontierWonder Woman is turning down the opportunity to become DC’s most powerful hero of all time. After the explosive finale of Dark Nights: Death Metal, Diana had ascended past the main DC Universe to help protect it from an unnamed threat. However, after meeting with the DC Universe’s most powerful entities, she doesn’t just rethink her role as the DC Universe’s protector, she completely rejects it.

In the frame story for Infinite Frontier #0 by writers Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, and Scott Snyder as well as artist John Timms, Diana is confronted by the DC Universe’s most powerful group of beings, the Quintessence. Impressed by her actions in Death Metal, the group ask her to join their numbers as a watcher of the universe. Though Wonder Woman is flattered by the offer, she is still warry of the threat she was warned about. The all-powerful beings reassure her that there is no great threat facing the DC Universe. As a measure of good faith though, the Quintessence allows the Spectre to take her on a tour of the new Omniverse to reassure her that those she cares about most are safe.

Throughout their journey together, Diana sees brief glimpses into the lives of her friends and family. Though not everything is perfect, and many heroes are facing unprecedented challenges, the reborn DC Universe appears devoid of any cosmic level threat that would require Diana’s intervention. Satisfied that whatever evil force she was warned about has been eliminated, Wonder Woman tells Spectre that she’s satisfied with what she’s seen. Just as Spectre is about to welcome her to the Quintessence though, Diana reveals that she’s declining their offer. She’s seen that the new world is filled with unlimited possibilities. In a twirl reminiscent of Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman gives herself a new costume and plunges into the world of Infinite Frontier.

What makes the start of DC’s Infinite Frontier so satisfying is that it genuinely feels like a new beginning, and this is best exemplified by Wonder Woman’s journey in the frame story. Though Diana is DC’s greatest asset, she has often been relegated to a supporting role in DC’s biggest events. Here though, she is front and center as readers follow her through the rebooted DC Universe. Her rejection of the Quintessence is a perfect Wonder Woman moment too. One thing that’s always defined Diana compared to Clark and Bruce is that she chose to come to man’s world, she actively made a choice to leave her utopia and help people. Of course Wonder Woman wouldn’t want to sit back and observe the world. Even if she could do good behind the scenes, Wonder Woman is anything but a passive observer.

Unfortunately, what Diana doesn’t know is that the Quintessence has been lying to her. There is a cosmic threat coming to DC, and it’s one even the mighty Quintessence falls to. Readers can only hope that Wonder Woman won’t come to regret her rejection of the Quintessence by the end of Infinite Frontier.

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