Wonder Woman Just Recreated The DC Universe

SPOILER WARNING for Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2!

Wonder Woman is capable of some outstanding feats, but her latest accomplishment may be the greatest display of her powers yet. Diana Prince has been described in a variety of ways throughout her extensive history. Some call her a warrior, others call her a superhero, and some even call her a goddess. While she’s proven herself worthy of each of these titles through countless acts of kindness and bravery, she’s cemented her status as a goddess by completely recreating the DC Universe in Future State.

Out of DC’s Future State lineup, Immortal Wonder Woman is set the farthest forward in time, at the point when the universe is coming to an end. As mysterious beings known as the Undoing erase everything from existence, all hope seems lost as nothing can stop their path of destruction. Even powerful characters like Darkseid and the entire Legion of Super-Heroes fail to bring them down. With the universe being consumed around her, Wonder Woman roams the cosmos as one of the last remnants of life.

Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Jen Bartel’s Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2 shows Diana desperately trying to hold onto hope as she traverses the void of space in search of any other survivors. As she journeys ahead, she reminisces about other heroes who have fallen to the Undoing while carrying some relics from her fallen friends. Eventually, she runs into Spectre, the only other living being left, and helps him pass on to the afterlife, leaving her alone to witness the end of creation. The Undoing arrives quickly, ready to finally wipe Diana from existence, and she puts up one last fight before reaching her end.

Surprisingly, after being consumed by the Undoing, Wonder Woman still has the power to fight and she does something completely unexpected. With a clash of her bracelets, Wonder Woman creates what looks like a new Big Bang, as stars and galaxies begin to fill the dark nothingness. On the story’s final page, a constellation of Diana appears, casting a bright light over a brand new universe. Despite not being able to save her own universe, Wonder Woman’s final actions in the story lay the groundwork for new life and new possibilities.

While full of hope, this ending is also fairly vague and raises several questions. The open ended conclusion allows fans to speculate as to what this new universe could mean. While some readers may just see this as a way to tie up the story, it could also be seen as DC Comics setting up for the upcoming Infinite Frontier storyline. Another big mystery surrounding this issue is what will happen to Wonder Woman. Seeing her take the form of a constellation could mean that she is gone for good, or maybe she has even ascended to a higher plane of existence, further proving her status as a goddess. Another possibility is that she will get to watch her new creation come to fruition in her usual, human form. Whatever her fate may be, it’s safe to say that Wonder Woman is easily one of the mightiest heroes out there. Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2 from DC Comics is available in stores now.

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