Wonder Woman is Losing Everything That Made Her a Hero

Warning: Spoilers for Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2 preview ahead

DC’s Future State has proven to be a rather bleak look into the Earth – and its heroes’ – possible futures. Immortal Wonder Woman has been no exception. In the distant future Diana is left almost entirely alone in the world. Just about all of her friends, her support team, have passed on and she’s been left with a ravaged Earth at the cusp of dying.

In the first issue, Wonder Woman was seen collecting mementoes from her past, only to end up once again facing an empty world composited of a desolate Earth barely hanging on through the efforts of Swamp Thing. And as if things couldn’t get worse for Diana, Darkseid found himself on Earth, ready to take advantage of its weakened state in his lust for power. What seemed lucky at the time was Superman’s presence, as he was still surviving alongside Diana. He came ready to assist Diana in defending the planet, but unfortunately things didn’t go in her favor… if anything, they’ve just gotten worse.

There’s no doubt that Wonder Woman has always been a formidable hero. She’s a literal goddess with extreme power, optimism, care for humanity, and moral integrity. But what happens to a god, when there is no one left to believe in them? Well, if previews are any indication, readers will learn the answer to that question through Diana in DC’s distant future. She’s a hero with seemingly no one left to save. Her friends, humanity, all of the physical reminders of what was; they’ve all been and continue to be erased before her very eyes. Time has taken some of them away, but it seems that an unknown entity, what she refers to as “the undoing,” has begun to erase even the memories of what time left behind. They devour until there is virtually nothing left, making it seem as though certain things never were, and consequently leaving Diana all the more alone. She even goes on to explain how she hasn’t felt like a hero in a very long time, not since the Earth was still teeming with life. Nevertheless, as is her nature, she hasn’t given up hope quite yet.

Check out the preview pages for Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2 below.

What she still has hope in, however, remains a mystery. These pages don’t allude to what it is she’s searching for other than a sign that she’s not alone. Other than that, her purpose at this point in time, in such a desolate future, is unknown. Unfortunately, what can be assumed is that Clark is gone and Diana is more alone than ever. She’s taken his cape to keep a part of him with her, just like she’s done with many of her other fallen comrades, but that’s all she has of them now.

Yet, the fact that she still exists is no small feat, and according to her, it’s what keeps her going. No one has been able to take that from her… at least not yet. Of course, this is only a preview for the next issue of Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman. There’s no knowing what else lies ahead for her, or for Future State’s timeline as a whole. There is still time for even more heartbreak, or even possibly, salvation.

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