Wolverine’s Severed Hand Could Start The Next Mutant War

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Wolverine #10 from Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Wolverine, Logan has embarked upon a personal mission to rescue an old teammate from Weapon X, though one of his forgotten hands may have just instigated the beginnings of a war with the United States. Logan’s old partner Maverick was being sold at an underground auction in Madripoor, and Logan attended undercover to try and get him out. However, he was surprised to see his own severed hand on the auction block as well. This hand (claws and all) ended up in the hands of the CIA, and their actions in the issue potentially threaten the treaty and trade agreements between the US and the mutant nation of Krakoa.

Recent issues of Wolverine have revealed that Maverick was the closest thing Logan had to a friend during his time in Weapon X, as they both ended up working together to resist being fully brainwashed and mind-wiped by the program. With Maverick’s help, the pair eventually escaped, and the start of Logan’s journey towards being a hero and X-Man began. However, the reveal that one of his severed hands somehow came into the possession of this auction is quite concerning for Logan, as he has no recollection of when or how it might have been lost. However, he does suspect it was from a previous body prior to a resurrection on Krakoa.

However, things quickly erupt into chaos when Wolverine’s cover is blown, leading to Logan helping Maverick break free of his mind control using the shared mnemonic device they created back in their Weapon X days so they could make their escape. However, government agents appearing to be CIA arrived on the scene on the orders of Special Agent Ramirez, who took Wolverine’s hand for herself and the newly created branch of the CIA known as X-Desk. Not only that, but the consequences of her next orders could potentially create some significant conflict between the Krakoa and the United States in the future.

Apparently, the X-Desk is a new extension of the CIA and US government that specifically focuses on monitoring mutants and the activities of the mutant nation of Krakoa. While X-Desk and Ramirez were portrayed as a potential ally to Krakoa in their first appearance in Marauders #11 (as well as in other X-Men titles), it does seem as though they have a potentially darker agenda in the works. Not only had Ramirez been authorized to bid on Maverick, but she also sent her men to try and apprehend both Logan and Maverick as they tried to escape. Wolverine does note that this is a bold move, especially considering the US and Krakoa are supposed to be allies.

While Krakoa now knows that X-Desk is making moves against them, Ramirez shares in a call with her director that it’s doubtful the mutant nation will retaliate, seeing as how Logan technically shouldn’t have been in operation in Madripoor either. Regardless, X Desk still managed to get Maverick in their corner later on simply by offering him a large sum (unbeknownst to Logan). As a result, it seems likely that tensions between the nations are only going to grow, and a whole new human/mutant war could be in the cards for the future of Marvel Comics. However, if a war does indeed come to pass, it’s fairly humorous that it would then mean that it all started thanks to the CIA really wanting Wolverine’s severed limb.

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