Why You Can’t Buy Amazon’s Alexa Cuckoo Clock Or Sticky Note Printer (Yet)

Amazon has announced a new Alexa smart cuckoo clock and sticky note printer, but neither are available to buy and might not actually ever become an option that consumers can purchase. While Amazon might be willing to invest in devices that are a little more unusual than a standard smart speaker, it seems like even Amazon has limits on what it thinks is automatically worth investing in.

In addition to being one of the world’s largest online retailers, Amazon also happens to be a maker of devices as well. Most of these tend to either be powered by the company’s Alexa voice assistant or at least work with Alexa. Regardless of the level of voice assistant integration, these devices can be good options for any consumers looking to further build out a smart home ecosystem.

Amazon has now announced a new smart cuckoo clock that not only features 60 LEDs, but also works with Alexa. The clock was unveiled alongside a new hands-free smart sticky note printer that uses voice-to-print technology and also works with Alexa as well. Completing the lineup is a smart scale that can provide nutritional information, and yes, it too works with Alexa. However, these are all part of Amazon’s new Build It program. Therefore, they are not only unavailable to purchase, but unless enough people commit to buying one, they won’t be manufactured, let alone released.

Amazon’s new Build It platform is basically a play on crowdfunding. Amazon will showcase different products through the platform and if they receive enough pre-orders during the first thirty days, they will move to the production stage with a view to being released in the future. If they don’t reach Amazon’s pre-order goal, then they won’t be made and the company will move on to its next concept devices. Even when a product does reach the target, it will still be some time away before the consumer receives one, though Amazon does explain that it won’t charge customers for the purchase until the product physically ships. Likewise, if Amazon doesn’t built it, those who have pre-ordered will have their orders canceled and won’t be charged.

In other words, anyone who does want a $79.99 Alexa smart cuckoo clock (Amazon link), an $89.99 Alexa smart sticky note printer (Amazon link), or a $34.99 Alexa smart nutrition scale (Amazon link), then they will need to place a pre-order before 8:59 AM PT on March 19, 2021. This is in addition to hoping that enough other people have also placed a pre-order for the same Amazon Build It product as well.

Source: Amazon

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