Why Valheim Doesn’t Let You Plant Ancient Seeds

In addition to combat, Valheim players can do a little homesteading, constructing their own shelters and workable farms. There are a few crop types to choose from, each grown from one of the seed types players can plant in the game. However, there is one seed that is noticeably not able to be cultivated. Valheim‘s Ancient Seeds dropped by enemy Greydwarfs can’t be planted – but why?

Ancient Seeds have a more important purpose than a simple farm crop, as they are needed to summon Valheim‘s second boss, The Elder. Like the game’s first boss, players must offer up an item (the seeds, in this case) for sacrifice in order to get The Elder to show up. Players should be glad they can’t accidentally plant and grow a powerful enemy at their farms, although that would make for an exciting moment. Perhaps a future Early Access update will give players the ability to summon a powerful enemy to their base.

To find Valheim‘s Ancient Seeds, players should head out into the Black Forest biome and fight the Greydwarfs there. Carrot Seeds can also be found in the Black Forest, so it’s understandable for players to be confused about what’s plantable and what isn’t.

The confusion that comes from naming these crucial items “Seeds” is something that could be easily fixed while the game is in its early access period. Changing it to something like “Ancient Sprout” would set it apart from the other seeds in the game, showing that it has a much different purpose. Of course, both the farmable and boss-summoning seeds are not to be confused with Valheim‘s world seeds, though knowing how to use those is helpful, as well. Ultimately, the decision to make Ancient Seeds unplantable is a good one, as it prevents players from potentially wasting a progression-critical item. The name is all that really needs to be changed.

While Ancient Seeds cannot be planted, Carrot Seeds, Turnip Seeds, and Beech Seeds can. It may not be Stardew Valley, but Valheim has a fairly robust farming system players should engage with if they’re hoping to make it through this difficult game. In addition to the aforementioned seeds, Barley and Flax can be found in Valheim, too. These crops all improve the quality of meals players can consume for various boosts. Planting seeds can make all the difference in the unforgiving world of Valheim – just don’t try to grow an Ancient Seed.

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