Why Titans Season 1 Avoided Its Best Possible Villain

Titans season 1 wasted its first big bad when they could have explored one of the biggest Teen Titans villains in a more compelling way. One of the biggest DC properties that have come to life from page to screen is Titans, a reimagination of one of the biggest teams of all time. While it’s a darker take on the Teen Titans universe, the show hasn’t been shy from using several iconic members of the group as well as their rogues’ gallery. Titans season 1 spent a lot of time doing its world-building by heavily following Dick Grayson as he began leaving Batman’s shadows.

Rachel Roth a.k.a. Raven is also another member who the first season was centered a lot on. It’s primarily because of her that Dick, Starfire, and Beast Boy come together as her life was in danger. Through her, Titans establish the villainous Trigon as the show’s first big bad who needed his daughter in order to break out of his prison. While he, played by Seamus Dever, appears in the flesh, Trigon is only present for a total of three episodes, with one of them being the Titans season 2 premiere. Instead, while still being a threat throughout the first season, Trigon has assassins going after Rachel and the other heroes.

That is why Trigon, in the end, was a very forgettable first big bad for Titans. Trigon has, for decades, been one of the most important antagonists of the Teen Titans mythology. His relationship with Raven, is certainly one of the more complicated family dynamics in the DC Universe. What Titans season 1 should have done was establish Trigon from the beginning, and have the team be aware of him completely. Instead, the show used one-dimensional goons to demonstrate the threat that Trigon was presenting. It would have been far more fascinating to see the Titans trying to figure out a way to stop Trigon across multiple episodes, rather than a rushed wrap-up.

But the first season was very inconsistent in what it wanted to focus on because, amongst the Trigon arc, there were full episodes dedicated to other plots. With Titans only having 11 episodes that season, there should have been a better way to explore the war against Trigon, rather than have it immediately wrapped up after the season 2 premiere. Since that season aired, it has become known that there was actually a 12th episode that was the original season finale. Not only does the group team-up with the Doom Patrol, but Dick and Kory would have both been sporting their Nightwing and Starfire costumes.

Raven would have also mastered her powers in an unknown dimension, thus giving a more powerful conclusion as she stopped Trigon. The cut finale as well as how lacking Trigon’s presence was in Titans season 1 did, in the end, leave this big bad very disappointing. Luckily, since the show is on HBO Max and has grown, it wouldn’t be impossible to see Trigon return in a future season of Titans. The third upcoming season already has a lot of villains lined up with Blackfire as the main threat while Jason Todd evolves into the Red Hood. But perhaps a potential Titans season 4 could see Trigon make his big return since Raven and the team will be far more experienced at that point.

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