Why The Marvel Studios Logo Changed In WandaVision

The Marvel Studios logo changed to purple at the start of WandaVision episode 8, which had multiple significations. The excitement of seeing the Marvel Studios logo at the beginning of a new MCU story is still palpable despite WandaVision being a TV series and everyone watching from home; the fact that it’s been updated to include moments from Avengers: Endgame and other Phase 3 movies makes it even better, and fresher as the MCU’s Phase 4 gets underway.

The thing is, Marvel Studios got a taste of experimenting with its logo in Phase 3. Doctor Strange really began the trend with its dimension-breaking intro in 2016, which was followed by Thor: Ragnarok‘s retro intro in 2017. After that, it became almost commonplace to see an alternate intro, like an all-black logo in 2018 for Black Panther, a wasp-like background for Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s intro, and a blueish hue for Captain Marvel’s in 2019. But perhaps the most exciting one was the Marvel Studios logo in Avengers: Endgame, which disintegrated like how the victims of Thanos’ snap did in Avengers: Infinity War. Now, Marvel is back with another alternate.

In WandaVision episode 8, Marvel Studios’ intro continued as usual but then turned to purple and was taken over by magic before the episode truly began. Considering that the story began in Salem in the year 1693 with Agatha Harkness’ origin story, it makes that the color would change to purple. Agatha’s magic is purple in color and, thanks to her “Agatha All Along” song, viewers know she’s been controlling things from the background the whole time. She quite literally took over parts of Wanda’s world and, in episode 8, took control of Wanda herself, both of which are represented in the logo changing from red to purple. Even then, there’s a deeper meaning because the Marvel Studios logo is typically red (Wanda’s color), so it was taken over by Agatha too.

The curious thing is, why is purple Agatha’s magic color? The opening sequence in WandaVision episode 8 shows her coven using magic that’s blue in color, yet hers changes to purple when she begins to drain their life force – and, presumably, their magic. It was hinted that Agatha stole power and knowledge that was above her rank, which implies it was perhaps dark magic or, if the connection to Doctor Strange is to be believed, magic from the Dark Dimension occupied by the supervillain Dormammu. Siphoning power from the Dark Dimension would explain how Agatha is hundreds of years old, similar to the Ancient One who also took power from there in order to push forward in her duties.

More should be revealed about Agatha Harkness in the WandaVision season finale, but this won’t be the last time Marvel Studios’ logo changes. There are several new Marvel TV shows coming, and they’re all poised to have special intros at some point, not to mention there’s several live-action movies on the way as well.

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