Why Square Enix Keeps Releasing Mana & SaGa Games

There were a lot of surprise reveals during the latest Nintendo Direct, including remasters of SaGa Frontier and The Legend of Mana coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Square Enix is known for making popular RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, so why is the company focusing on rereleasing and remaking Mana and SaGa games instead of putting out classic FF and DQ titles on modern consoles?

Final Fantasy fans have been dreaming of FF6 and other classic titles in the long-running franchise coming to the Nintendo Switch, but there’s no indication Square Enix is working on making this a reality. Likewise, Dragon Quest fans have been hoping for a Zenithia Trilogy port on Switch, and while the first three Dragon Quest games did arrive on the system in 2019, Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI haven’t shown up yet. And all this time, Square Enix continues remastering – and even remaking – Mana and SaGa titles.

It may seem odd that the company is so focused on rereleasing games from its lesser known series, especially when Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest titles would arguably turn a bigger profit. However, the SaGa Frontier and Legend of Mana remasters are an indication that the series may be doing better on the Nintendo Switch that some people might think. After all, it’s unlikely the company would continue releasing Mana and SaGa games if previous remasters from those franchises performed poorly.

While Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest may get most of the attention, Square Enix’s library is deeper and richer than just those two RPG franchises. Both Mana and SaGa offer fans something a little different and have their own loyal followings. So, while new entries for those series don’t appear to be happening anytime soon, remasters and remakes are a great way to let fans experience the games in HD.

These Mana and SaGa remasters are also a great way to introduce these older series to a new generation of fans on the Nintendo Switch, which seems like the perfect console for classic RPG titles. And since some of the games, like the original Trials of Mana, weren’t previously available outside Japan, longtime Western fans can finally get to experience the games for the first time in their native languages.

When all of this is considered, Square Enix’s decision to release SaGa and Mana remakes and remasters makes a lot of sense. These games may not be as well-known as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but they’re great RPGs nonetheless. These newer versions are a great way to experience them again – or for the very first time.

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