Why Quicksilver Turns Into [SPOILER] In Episode 6

Quicksilver and Vision have now both appeared to the MCU’s Scarlet Witch as their own reanimated corpses in WandaVision, but not necessarily for the same reason. While Vision’s body appears as a reminder of the fakeness of this sitcom reality – and the devastating reality that Wanda can’t reverse death – Quicksilver’s dead moment doesn’t quite fit the same logic.

In episode 6, Wanda is forced to explore the reality of her fake world as her newly-arrived brother Pietro challenges her on how she’s pulling off the magic. At the same time, Wanda seeks to test her brother, probing why he looks different and what he truly remembers. In one such moment, Wanda looks at her brother to find that he is riddled with pullets, pale and with milky eyes, essentially transforming into a zombie. Just as she was when Vision appeared as his corpse in episode 4, Wanda is terrified before Pietro changes back again.

The question though is why Evan Peters’ Pietro would appear as a corpse when there is still a question over whether he is the real Quicksilver. The hints that he is not are difficult to resist: he didn’t appear thanks to Wanda in episode 5, she knows he looks different and in episode 6 he gives away the fact that his memories of Sokovia are different. While the appearance of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s original Quicksilver dying in the episode recap is designed to remind the audience that Wanda’s trauma is pushing more to the surface, Peters’ zombie feels more like a trick. If it was the same character and Wanda was reanimating him with the magical caveat of transformation, when she saw the “truth” the audience would have seen Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the corpse.

The moment when Pietro changes is the real tell. Firstly, it fits with the transformation of Vision, in episode 4 because it follows Wanda thinking about the reality away from her own personal paradise in Westview. When she allows herself to remember, she’s confronted with the truth, but it’s different here to when Vision’s corpse appears. Pietro’s appearance already challenges Wanda’s grasp of reality and asking her how she’s achieving the magic is no different to him returning in the first place. The function – a reminder that Wanda isn’t in control and that her trauma will overcome her – is the same, but the reason probably is not.

It’s even more telling that Quicksilver transforms into his corpse when Wanda has cause to question whether he is the real Pietro. His gentle demand to know how her powers work (when he should really know) further pushes him outside of Wanda’s control because he can make that challenge without Wanda glitching him to stop the trauma breaking the surface. His transformation into a corpse also doesn’t lead to Wanda having to consciously bring the magical veil back over herself to hide it. He simply transforms back. If it isn’t a trick pulled by Pietro or by whoever WandaVision‘s real villain is, it’s a strange subversion of the zombie Vision moment that doesn’t quite fit.

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