Why Agatha Let Scarlet Witch See Vision & Quicksilver’s Corpses

The reveal of Agatha Harkness as WandaVision‘s real villain recontextualizes Scarlet Witch seeing the corpses of Vision and Quicksilver earlier in the season. While many of the strange goings-on in Westview seemed to be down to Wanda Maximoff herself, WandaVision episode 7 revealed the truth behind it all. Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor Agnes is really Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch who has unknown, yet presumably nefarious, plans for Wanda & co.

The reveal that it was Agatha all along sheds new light on everything that has happened so far in WandaVision. Indeed, even the theme song plays up to this, showing select events from Agatha’s perspective, such as the arrival of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, Herb cutting the wall, and the death of Sparky the dog. Two key moments not shown from Agatha’s point-of-view, though, are the appearances of Vision and Quicksilver as their corpses, which came in WandaVision episodes 4 and 6 respectively.

At the time, it seemed like Vision and Quicksilver’s corpses appearing were a hint at Scarlet Witch‘s control slipping, as the facade she had ostensibly built started to crumble away. It also spoke to her trauma, with the dead bodies of Vision and Pietro – essentially representing their true forms – reflected her greatest losses and tragedies, which had served to drive her to this point in the first place. The reveal of Agatha as WandaVision‘s villain flips these moments: rather than Scarlet Witch losing control, it’s more like Agatha’s attempts to maintain it. If Wanda is to escape the construct that is Westview, then she needs to completely realize something is wrong and discover her own power, remembering who she really is. While the corpse of Vision or seeing Quicksilver as a zombie are technically reminders of the real wild, they’re so sudden, shocking, and upsetting that they serve to send Wanda hurtling back to the comforting new reality, pushing her deeper into Westview and, as such, Agatha’s clutches.

This works well as part of Agatha’s plan, or at least what little is known of it so far, in terms of keeping Scarlet Witch trapped. In effect, showing the corpses of Vision and Quicksilver is like showing Wanda her nightmare; the reality becomes the dream you want to escape from, and the fake world becomes the place you accept as the new reality because it’s so much more palatable. Given Wanda freaked out on both occasions – understandably so, in fairness  – then it is clear that Agatha’s use of this shock factor works in her favor.

In hindsight, these two moments also serve as further clues to the fact that someone else was in control in WandaVision. Although the idea of them being signs Wanda’s powers had slipped, the idea that someone else was behind it makes even more sense, especially when looking at Quicksilver’s corpse. If that were Scarlet Witch’s reality, then it’d make more sense for it to be Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver, not Evan Peters’. But since it’s now known that Agatha was the one who brought Pietro to Westview, then it fits even better why his zombie remained in the Peters form. Of course, as with many of WandaVision‘s Agatha reveals, there are several questions raised, including how much she knows about Wanda’s life and the figures in it. but however she discovered it, using the corpses of Vision and Quicksilver was one of Agatha’s smartest and most twisted tricks yet.

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