Where to Find Every Secret Hat in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 brings players back to the horrifying world of adults and mystery. This horror game was probably one of the most anticipated horror game to come out in 2020. After its predecessor left players trembling in their britches, it’s no wonder players are excited to come back and scare themselves silly. Much like the original, Little Nightmares 2 has a wide variety of characters and collectibles to find. However, this game also offers different types of hats for players to locate across the city.

When first starting the game, players will start with a little, paper hat. But, as players explore, more hats become findable and players can switch these hats out. But where are these little adorable hats hiding out? We have some answers!

In total, there are 12 hats players can find. The Player already starts with one, but the other eleven can be hard to find. Since they’re spread out throughout the city, and the city has millions of secrets, narrowing down their location can be a little tricky. Here is where to explore in the world of Little Nightmares 2.

There is one hat players won’t be able to find. The Mokujin Mask is a preorder bonus, so only players who preordered the game will have access to it. For players who preordered, the hat should be in the game inventory when first booting up the game.

The Racoon hat, or the Coonskin Cap, can be found in the Hunter’s home. Players can find this hat past the kitchen and down the hallway. The hat will be in the room on the left, just sitting on the floor in the middle of the room.

After the encounter with the hunter, the player should be able to find the Rain Hat. There will be a broken bridge that players will need to cross. Cross the bridge and climb on the cages next to it. Get to the top of the hanging cage and jump on it to shake the hat loose.

Players looking for the Nome Hat will be able to pick this up through the Nome’s Attic DLC. Once players find and pick up the key in the attic of the house, a nome will appear wearing the same hat. Follow the nome and finish the puzzle to pick up the Nome’s Hat.

The Soccer Ball Hat will be in the schoolyard. The hat is sitting on top of a dumpster near the front door.

Head inside the school to find the Tin Can Hat. This item will be in the library, which should happen after your second encounter with the Teacher. In the library, players will find a moveable ladder. Move the ladder to the next shelf and the player should be able to reach the hat.

After the school, players will find themselves in the city’s hospital, where they can find the Stuffed Bear Hat. This hat will be in the nursery after completing the X-Ray puzzle. Climb up the bookshelves on the right to find this hat.

While searching the morgue for the key, it’s also possible for players to start searching for the Mummy Hat. The hat will be locked in a storage container just left of the dissection table.

The Postman Hat will be found once players reach the post office mailroom of Pale City. Find a pile of letters and jump in, which should reveal a secret tunnel. Head through the tunnel until there is a small room with the Postman Hat.

Once players move through The Pale City, they’ll find themselves in the city’s toy store. Once there, players will be able to pick up the Newsie Cap. This item is on a shelf in the back left corner of the store. Players will need to push the shopping cart over to climb up and grab this hat.

The final hat, the Thin Man’s Hat, will be given to players once the entire game is completed.

Little Nightmares 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Mobile, and PC.

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