Where Monica & Pietro Were In Episode 8

Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters) were curiously absent from WandaVision episode 8. Based on what happened in episode 7, fans were expecting to see them. A post-credits scene showed Monica sneaking around Agnes’ house and being surprised by Pietro, who said “snoopers gonna snoop.” before seemingly grabbing or pushing her.

Marvel hasn’t done much with Quicksilver in the last two episodes, but they have shed some light on who and what he really is. After revealing herself as Agatha Harkness, Kathryn Hahn’s character explained to Wanda that Pietro’s visit to her home was engineering by her magic spells. Apparently, he was just one part of her plan to find out how Wanda created Westview. He was taken out of play after Wanda blasted him, but he has since reappeared as an obstacle to Monica.

What happened between Monica and Pietro while Wanda and Agatha had their talk wasn’t shown, likely because Wanda’s situation was the focus of the episode, and showing anything else would have just been a distraction. What Vision (Paul Bettany) was doing at the time wasn’t shown either. As for what was going on with Pietro and Monica, it could be that he captured her and took her to where Billy and Tommy are. He could be keeping all three as prisoners for Agatha.

Alternatively, the two may have been having a fight that took them away from Agatha’s house. If Evan Peters’ Pietro is a minion of Agatha Harkness, his reason for ambushing her could have been to stop her from interfering with Agatha’s plan. It makes sense that Agatha would have wanted some one-on-one time with Wanda and wouldn’t have appreciated an interruption. Pietro’s job could have been to stop anyone from interfering with their fight.

Early in WandaVision episode 9, the series could showcase an exciting superhero battle between Monica and Pietro. He may not be the real Quicksilver, but he does possess super speed. Monica, who has powers of her own, may have the means to fight against him (if she can quickly adapt to her new abilities). If she doesn’t, this is a fight that could easily go Quicksilver’s way. It could be that this battle will demonstrate a taste of what the MCU’s Monica Rambeau will be capable of as a superhero in Captain Marvel 2. A scene with Monica and Pietro can also reveal what he really is and if there’s any truth to the theories about him being Fox’s Quicksilver from the multiverse, or if he’s really just a magical manifestation.

A lot could ride on Monica winning against Quicksilver, largely due to the fact that Wanda has an assortment of problems facing her in WandaVision’s season finale. Agatha Harkness and all her power is of course the biggest, but her situation is about to be complicated by the impending arrival of SWORD and White Vision. Surviving against those odds may only be possible if Wanda is aided by allies like Westview’s Vision and Monica.

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