What’s The Most Expensive App On Apple’s App Store?

iPhone and Android apps can be useful additions, but sometimes the price can escalate and in rare cases, out of control. When it comes to the most expensive apps available through Apple’s App Store, the price to download can often be frightening and even more than the cost of the device they are being downloaded on. However, the most expensive apps overall are often cheap at first and then charge the user after downloading.

The App Store is full of different apps and games for users to choose from and not just for iPhone, but also for iPad, Mac, and the Apple Watch as well. This cross-device app compatibility usually results in even greater added value, with the user only paying once for the app and then able to access it on multiple devices. That’s as long as the sticker price does not immediately put the Apple customer off.

According to data from Statista, and as of August 2020, the average price of apps in the App Store was $0.94. The average cost of iOS games was much lower at $0.50, bringing the overall average total of apps and games on the App Store down to $0.85. While it is somewhat difficult to say for certain which app is the absolute most expensive, there are clear candidates with some costing hundreds just to download. For example, there’s the iVIP Blac‪k app for iPhone and iPad. Priced at $999.99, it is more expensive than some iPhone 12 models. However, the app markets itself as “the world’s first premium lifestyle app” and claims to offer “full VIP treatment” at various partner locations, including “extra-special experiences.” Interestingly, the Android iVIP Black app only costs $384.99 to download.

With what’s basically a $1,000 price tag, it is easy to assume apps like iVIP Blac‪k are the most expensive. While that might be true at the point of downloading, that’s not always where the real cost ends. Nowadays, many developers adopt a freemium model where their apps are free to download and then charge the user in-app prices to unlock various features. Sometimes these are monthly charges while in other cases they are one-time purchases. Either way, those hidden in-app prices can sometimes be super high. In fact, there are known fleeceware app scams which specifically look to take advantage of the freemium model and then hit the user with astronomical costs. Possibly increasing the price further, there are plenty of apps that not only charge to unlock features after downloading, but also charge to download the app in the first place.

With all this in mind, the real cost of the most expensive apps is less obvious. There are plenty of apps on the App Store which do come with a high price to download, but there are just as many that will let you download the app at a reduced cost or even for free before then asking for payment to unlock the best features or to use the app on a regular basis. Of course, expensive is also relative. After all, if an iPhone or iPad user has the money to put down $1,000 on a “Millionaire’s App” like iVIP Blac‪k, then they might consider it a bargain price for all the VIP treatment they get in return.

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