What Valheim’s Incompatible Version Problem Is (& How To Fix It)

Valheim is an online survival game with an emphasis on multiplayer co-op. Since releasing via Steam Early Access on February 2nd, Valheim has gotten incredibly popular as players attempt to survive the Viking and fantasy-themed wilderness with their friends. However, some users have reported finding an “incompatible version” error when trying to connect to servers. Here’s everything players need to know about Valheim’s incompatible version problem and how to fix it.

An important factor to understand is that Valheim will be in early access for a while, so it will continue getting updates to improve the game. Even now, a Valheim roadmap shows fans what to expect in 2021. As such, stabilization improvements should keep occurring regularly, so problems that currently exist in the game may not last much longer.

The incompatible version error occurs whenever a player’s server is mismatched with Valheim‘s remote sever. This mismatch can happen for multiple reasons, but it’s most commonly associated with a player’s version of Valheim not matching the remote server’s current version. In order to fix this issue, players should ensure both servers are using the same – and latest- version of Valheim.

As long as Valheim is in early access, some problems will likely exist, and the incompatible version error is one of the most annoying. The first step to fixing Valheim‘s incompatible version problem is by ensuring players have the latest version of the game installed. For those who have automatic updates running, it’s still a good idea to double-check. To check, simply go to the Valheim icon in a player’s Steam library, right click, and then click on “Properties.” From there, users will need to click on “Updates” and download any pending updates to get the latest version of Valheim.

Once players have ensured their version of Valheim is up-to-date, they’ll need to verify the remote server’s version is updated, too. Steam advises players to update Valheim‘s servers whenever they update the game, but sometimes players might have to force install the updates. Of course, backing up save data for Valheim is always a great idea, too, before messing with the game’s files too much. Players will then need to perform the following steps:

If these steps are followed correctly, then Valheim‘s incompatible version error should be fixed. The player’s version of the game should match the remote server’s, thus fixing the error in Valheim.

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