What Happens When Agent 47 Fails To Save Diana In Hitman 3

A Hitman 3 player has gone were few players dare to go and has discovered exactly what happens to Diana Burnwood if Agent 47 fails to save her in Hitman 3. Hitman 3 was one of the first new games to release in 2021. It has been lauded as a fitting finale to the globe-trotting exploits of Agent 47 and all of his ludicrous methods of killing within the World of Assassination trilogy.

[Warning: Spoilers for Hitman 3 below.]

Aside from the in-depth sandbox levels that IO Interactive has created for Hitman 3, one of the key elements to the game is the dynamic between Agent 47 and his handler Diana Burnwood. They are a powerful twosome, with a partnership routed in a deep understanding of each other. When Diana needs Agent 47 during the latter part of Hitman 3, she knows how to contact him in a way that only he will understand – by allowing herself to be caught on CCTV. This is something that anyone other than Agent 47 would assume to just be a standard part of being in a public space such as an airport, as Diana was. Agent 47, however, knows that Diana would never get herself caught like that – she is much too skilled for something as plebian as being recorded on a security camera. Picking up her elusive message, Agent 47 follows Diana’s trail and manages to infiltrate a retirement party in Mendoza, initiating one of the more elaborate Hitman 3 missions.

The Hitman 3 mission “The Farewell” takes place in a sprawling vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. Set against a beautiful backdrop of mountains, canapes and fairy lights, Agent 47 (with the aid of Diana) is tasked with eliminating Don Archibald Yates and Tamara Vidal, two Heralds for Providence. Something that Agent 47 is explicitly NOT tasked with, however, is eliminating Diana Burnwood. When all goes according to plan, at least as far as story progression goes, the mission ends with Agent 47 and Diana having “one last tango” together before Diana betrays Agent 47. However, YouTuber Running Sky has shown just what happens if Agent 47 is unsuccessful in his mission, and what happens to Diana if he fails to save her.

When following the story mission “Closing Statement” within Hitman 3, Don Yates will address the Providence Heralds (including Diana) in a private meeting. It is alluded that this meeting is to celebrate Don Yates’ on his “upcoming promotion,” although this is the very thing that Diana and Agent 47 are setting out to prevent. This meeting can turn sour, and result in Yates having his men eliminating Tamara Vidal themselves (stealth kill level maximum from Agent 47) and taking Diana forcibly to Yates’ office. A countdown begins, and Agent 47 must act swiftly to save Diana from the same fate as Vidal; a task that many a player will endeavor to achieve. Not Running Sky, however.

Rather than saving Diana in Hitman 3, Running Sky takes a slightly different tact. Instead, they casually wait out the countdown that raises the levels of pressure and adrenaline in most players, and lets the story play out without any interference from Agent 47. The result – Diana Burnwood is unceremoniously shot in the head by the vineyard’s armed guards, with Yates’ men left to create a “remote, staged accident” crime scene and a “mission failed” notification on Running Sky’s screen.

What makes this failure (deliberate or not) to save Diana even more cutting to watch, other than the obvious, are her final words… “47 will find you; you will pay for this.” Little did she know, in this instance, Agent 47 was actually in the same room and watching the whole thing. Running Sky closes their video with a short but sweet message of warning to all viewers and fellow players of Hitman 3, “If you do not save her, Diana will be executed.” Perhaps it is best, for the sake of game completion as well as a clear conscience, to avoid this dismal Hitman 3 mission ending if possible.

Hitman 3 is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Running Sky

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