What Among Us Roles Could Mods Add Next?

Modders continue adding in fun new roles to Among Us, the social deduction game from indie studio InnerSloth. It seems like a new role is being modded into the game on a weekly – if not daily – basis. So, just what roles could mods put into Among Us next?

Many of the roles that are added into Among Us come from Town of Salem, a social deduction game from 2014 from Blank Media Games. Popular mods like the Doctor, Sheriff, and Mayor roles all function in a way similar to their Town of Salem counterparts with the same names. Because of this, it’s reasonable to assume that more roles from Town of Salem will come to Among Us soon.

Admittedly, many of the roles from Town of Salem already exist as mods in Among Us. Roles like the Mayor, whose votes count double, and the Doctor (who can revive fallen allies) function almost exactly like the same roles in Town of Salem. Still, the prevalence of these roles show how much players love to experiment with them – and role mods can be a great way to keep Among Us feeling fresh and exciting. So, what roles could modders add to Among Us next?

The Vampire Hunter role in Town of Salem could realistically come to the game soon, especially considering that a Vampire mod for Among Us already exists. The Vampire Hunter would likely function in a similar way to Sheriff or Vigilante, in that killing an innocent player will result in both that crewmate and the Vampire Hunter dying. Crusader, who can protect a fellow player from being killed, would make another interesting addition.

The Transporter role in Town of Salem allows the player to swap out two other players, which can sometimes result in getting the wrong person killed by accident. The Transporter role could be a lot of fun in Among Us, as well. Not all roles that have been added to Among Us, such as the Morphling mod, are from Town of Salem, though. This means any number of possibilities exist, even if most of the roles introduced so far have all come from the same game.

Mods and new roles are constantly being added to Among Us, so these roles could very well be introduced into the game at any time. Playing with mods definitely adds a bit more fun to Among Us, so it doesn’t look like fans will stop creating role mods anytime soon.

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