Warzone’s Most Wholesome Clip Shows Mother & Daughter’s First Duo Win

A Redditor recently posted a video of herself and her mother celebrating their first-ever win in Call of Duty: Warzone. The video itself shows off a screen that many rarely get to see; a helicopter extracting the winning team from Verdansk shortly before the poisonous gas envelops the entire area. For every team in Battle Royale: Duos mode that gets to witness their operators flying off into the distance, roughly 74 other teams are left hoping that the next match will bring them greater fortune.

This story is particularly wholesome because it flies in the face of the litany of complaints that are normally present on the Warzone subreddit. These negative posts are not limited to players simply upset over a loss. In many instances, the post will highlight a newfound glitch in the game or call attention to how many hackers have managed to escape being banned by Activision. Although the developers are usually quick to address game-breaking bugs, such as players learning how to become invisible, the fact remains that many of these fixes come as reactions to flaws pointed out by disheartened Redditors.

Redditor u/i_x_Valkyrie_x_i and her mother are anything but disheartened. The mother-daughter duo can be heard laughing and hyping themselves up as the helicopter extracts them from the battlefield, with her mother exclaiming, “That’s right, badass!” as her daughter’s operator is shown on the screen. Even their cat seems to be aware that the moment is noteworthy, as it can be seen softly pawing at one of the monitors while its owners’ names appear on the screen. The video, now sitting at 3.4 thousand upvotes, is an infectiously cheery reminder that for all the frustration that Call of Duty can elicit, winning certainly feels great.

The player and her mother should certainly be proud of this accomplishment; winning a game of Warzone is not an easy task. The game can be played either solo or with a team of up to four people, and each mode brings unique challenges. For example, while solo players can rest assured that no one will be coming to avenge an eliminated player, they must also constantly be aware that no one is watching their back. Conversely, in Duos mode, teams are often in close contact with one another (such as a mother-daughter duo) and are more likely to be close together. Trios and Quads, however, can be incredibly unpredictable as players are more likely to fill in empty slots on their teams with strangers. Although teamwork may take a hit, the higher player count leaves more room for chaotic plays.

The Warzone subreddit was quick to leave hundreds of encouraging and celebratory comments on the video. A few commenters praised the mother’s username–OB1M0M3N0B1, or “Obi Mom-Enobi”–as a fitting tribute to the Star Wars franchise. Others responded with the stories of their own first wins, which they all agreed brings about an almost indescribable amount of anxiety in the final moments of the match and euphoria once the win was secured. With the first season of Warzone ending in one week, there will surely be other celebratory videos posted before gamers get to experience what season two has in store.

Source: i_x_Valkyrie_x_i/Reddit

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