Warzone: How to Play (& Win) Resurgence Extreme (Tips, Tricks, Strategies)

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War has officially dropped. The new season is chock-full of new content. Players now have access to four new Operators for Balck Ops and Warzone, two new guns in the FARA 83 and LC 10, and new multiplayer maps. Warzone has also gotten a much-needed facelift. Three missile silos have opened up around Verdansk, and a cargo ship full of zombies has just crash-landed off the Prison shore. Perhaps the edition players are most excited for is Outbreak Zombies, the brand new open-world zombie experience set across the three fire team maps in Black Ops: Cold War.

Other than new editions around Verdansk, Rebirth Island has also gotten a new LTM (limited-time mode) for players to drop into. Players were huge fans of mini-royal and the Haunting of Verdansk. Warzone has done an excellent job of bringing the community fun LTMs to break up the mold of repetitive Battle Royal. Of course, Warzone has seen its share of LTM flops like Armored Roayl and Warzone Rumble. Thankfully, these LTMs don’t last very long between updates and are often followed by an ‘I’m sorry’ Mini-Royal weekend. Resurgence Extreme is Warzone’s latest LTM to drop with the launch of Season 2. Here’s everything you need to know about how to play and win Resurgence Extreme in Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Resurgence Extreme is what it sounds like–extreme. Taking place on Rebirth Island, the respawn-friendly Battle Royal map we’ve all come to know and love, Resurgence Extreme ramps up the degree of difficulty by doubling the number of players in the lobby. 99 players, broken up into teams of three, will take the short plunge down to POIs on Rebirth Island in the hopes of being the last trio standing. Loot and kill to stay alive, but be ready to die. Be prepared to die often.

Unless they’re among the top Warzone players and have a significant amount of luck on their side, full teams will not survive the drop in Resurgence Extreme. There isn’t going to be a drop that isn’t highly contested. This is especially true if players are landing in popular areas like Bio-weapons Lab and Security. There’s hardly a second to breathe, let alone complete contracts. The most important part about the first two minutes of Resurgence Extreme is survival. If players can outlast the first 30% of the lobby, they’ll be in a much better position. Now a classic game of Resurgence will be taking place within the confines of the 2nd circle.

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone has updated the ground-loot players can find when they land in regular games of Warzone, as well as Resurgence Extreme. If they’ve played mini-royal, players will be familiar with the upgraded ground-loot found on the floor. Most weapons will be of Rare or better tier. Players will still find the best ground-loot guns in Legendary chests, but they’ll manage just fine with what’s readily available on the Bio-weapons rooftop or in a normal loot box somewhere in the Nova-6 factory.

Players will also be finding random killstreaks, like Precision Airstrikes and UAVs, scattered amongst the ground-loot. It’s safe to assume that there’s another squad nearby at every moment. Popping an early UAV in Resurgence Extreme should be played more defensively than aggressively. The number of red dots can be overwhelming. Focus on whoever is closest to the squad.

There’ so much going on at the beginning of a Resurgence Extreme game; navigating to a Buy Box that is more than 20 meters away will be a suicide mission. It’s in the squad’s best interest to land near a Buy Box and buy a Loadout ASAP. Remember, other squads will contest the drop. If the team gets wiped, so be it. Hop into the next game. It’s better to get the loss out of the way than slog through a game hoping for a lucky (and honestly underserving) win.

Resurgence Extreme is going to be close-quarters all the time. Unless players are master quick-scopers, there’s going to be little time for sniping. Players are better off equipping their preferred AR and SMG. Before season 2 began, the AMAX had ascended to the ‘meta’ position among ARs. However, many streamers, like Nick Mercs, swear by the FFAR. There’s been some arguing between the Bullfrog and Mac-10. Either is a viable option for Resurgence Extreme. Let’s face it; most players have their Mac-10 fully kitted out already. They’re better off sticking with it.

As far as perks go, players have two schools of thought when choosing their Loadout (because they’re most likely getting one Loadout per game.) Players can grab their Overkill class and equip an AR and SMG. They’ll, of course, ping on heartbeat sensors and UAVs, but with the helter-skelter nature of Resurgence Extreme, this will only prove to be a disadvantage when it comes to the final eclipsing circles.

Secondarily, players can choose to pick up Ghost to stay off radars, using one of the upgraded ground-loot guns as a secondary. All players have to do is find one of many dead bodies and grab a Mac-10 or Bullfrog off them.

Blue perks have always been a toss-up when it comes to Warzone. It feels like we flip-flop between Cold Blooded, E.O.D, and Double Time every other week. For Resurgence Extreme, the decision will be widdled to E.O.D or Double Time, with E.O.D slightly edging out Doube Time. Why? Rebirth Island is small and full of narrow corridors and tight spaces. The increased Tac Sprint duration isn’t going to make or break the game. However, Resurgence Extreme’s hectic nature will have semtex and C4 flying every which way. The added explosive residence will save a player’s life more often.

Only the most coordinated squads with a little luck on their side will emerge victorious in Resurgence Extreme. Players should not get discouraged if they die once or twice trying to win a particular building or Buy Box. The respawn counters seem to be significantly shorter. With more enemies to kill, teammates should be respawning each other with ease. It’s unclear how long Resurgence Extreme will be around, so players should get the most out of this LTM while they can.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Last-Gen

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