WandaVision’s Westview Twist Makes Pietro’s Theory Look Dumb

WandaVision episode 8 finally revealed how Wanda Maximoff created the Westview anomaly, and it proved Wanda’s brother Pietro completely wrong. Pietro initially speculated that Wanda created personas for each resident of Westview that reflected their real life outside the anomaly, but that clearly is not the case.

The exact nature of the Westview anomaly was rather murky throughout WandaVision‘s first several episodes, but episode 8, “Previously On,” at last offered some clarity. It had been understood that Wanda created the anomaly to deal with her trauma in some way, but plenty of questions remained as to who was in the anomaly and why. When Pietro first arrived in town, he suggested that his sister created versions of each person that spoke to their real lives in some way. As it turns out, that cannot possibly be true.

Pietro’s theory made sense at the time. After all, WandaVision has offered plenty of reason to be suspicious of the residents of Westview. And while there remains several unanswered questions regarding several residents, such as Dottie and Herb, it seems safe to say that Wanda did not craft backstories for the Westview residents in relation to their real lives. She arrives in the small New Jersey town and spends just a few moments there before unleashing the anomaly. She sees just a few residents in tiny glimpses, and builds her entire town based off of this limited perspective.

It is worth noting, however, that Wanda does see some familiar faces during her initial arrival in Westview. The very first person Wanda sees is Herb, who becomes her next-door neighbor in the anomaly. Herb remains a mysterious figure due to his seeming awareness of something being amiss earlier in the show, but Wanda does make him a member of the Neighborhood Watch, which makes sense considering his status as a security guard in real life. Perhaps the strongest evidence in support of Pietro’s theory is Mrs. Hart, who Wanda sees sitting sad and alone on a bench as she drives through the town. In Wanda’s fabricated reality, Mrs. Hart is a bubbly and cheerful housewife. Perhaps Wanda granted her this life to compensate for her perceived loneliness. It is fair to say that she creates the anomaly in order to provide this sort of wish-fulfillment for herself, so it would make sense for her to do the same for the few Westview residents she encountered.

Nevertheless, it is now clear that Wanda created Westview with very limited information at her disposal. Pietro’s theory was not entirely wrong, but it ultimately carries very little weight. Of course, that theory may not have come from Pietro at all. It came from a stand-in for Pietro, someone Agatha has manipulated in order to deceive Wanda. It is unclear how much of Pietro’s words or thoughts are even his own. He may not exist at all. He may be a pure fabrication, and his theory could have actually been Agatha’s, pulling the puppet strings just as she did with so many other events in Westview. It is also possible that this fake version of Pietro is another real-life citizen just like Herb and Mrs. Hart, and that he only offered his theory because it applies to his very own situation. WandaVision is slowly peeling back its many layers, and Pietro’s role in the show’s mystery should prove crucial in the final stretch.

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