WandaVision: Why Scarlet Witch Turns SWORD Into A Circus

Scarlet Witch expanded her hex in WandaVision episode 6 absorbing the temporary SWORD base and making it a circus while some of its agents became clowns. As her fantasy reality becomes more threatened, Wanda is getting more motivated to preserve the illusion. Unfortunately for her, it appears that Vision would be one of, if not the biggest threat to this pocket bubble as her husband attempts to get to the bottom of what’s really happening in Westview following bizarre encounters with Herb and Norm. It didn’t help that Scarlet Witch herself hasn’t really been careful with how she uses her magic around other people, making her husband more suspicious.

Aside from inside forces threatening her bubble, Wanda also has to deal with SWORD and their sketchy director, Hayward, who may be up to no good, particularly considering how he’s tracking Vision’s body. Scarlet Witch already brazenly warned the organization to stay out of Westview, but before they can even make another move to infiltrate it, the final moments of WandaVision episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” have already derailed their plans. Out of desperation to save Vision as he tried to come out of the magical border, Wanda expanded the hex significantly resulting in the SWORD base and some of its operatives getting sucked into Westview. Interestingly, however, this transformed them into clowns and mimes, while their infrastructure became a circus tent.

As previously established, things that get absorbed into Scarlet Witch’s pocket reality change appearances to fit the aesthetic of her fantasy world. That’s the reason why Monica Rambeau’s clothes were changed into the ’60s and ’70s-style, while the SWORD agent who was wearing the organization’s hazmat suit transformed into a beekeeper when they entered the bubble. There’s a deeper meaning to SWORD becoming a circus, however; this transformation revealed Wanda’s real thoughts about them. As Evan Peters’ Pietro mentioned in the same WandaVision episode, the people of Westview were transformed into something that still somehow reflects their real-world identities. This means that SWORD’s form inside the hex is a low-key insult to the organization; Scarlet Witch is essentially calling them a joke, potentially because of their sketchy dealings. While they may seem like a group working for the good of mankind with their various endeavors, they seem to have their own nefarious motivations for doing what they do, particularly where Vision is involved.

Wanda’s not the only one who has this sentiment; Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis, and Jimmy Woo are also suspicious of SWORD, particularly Hayward. Ever since it was revealed that they’re experimenting on Vision’s body, followed by his secret plan to assassinate Scarlet Witch inside the hex, the trio has been more convinced that Hayward is no ally. Soon, they were kicked out of the operations when they openly criticized Hayward’s leadership following a tense encounter with Wanda just outside the mystical barrier. Fortunately, they found a way to stick around; once Darcy was able to infiltrate SWORD’s program, their hunch was proven right when they found out that not only is Hayward tracking Vision’s body, but also keeping an eye on Monica who may have gotten her powers from Scarlet Witch’s magic after her time inside Westview.

With just three episodes left, there are still so many questions that need answers in WandaVision — the most pressing one is arguably who the show’s real villain is. There are several theories going around here including Mephisto, Nightmare, and Scarlet Witch herself. That said, there’s also a good chance that SWORD’s sketchy operations may be a contributing factor to the Maximoff anomaly especially if they’re really using Vision’s body for the wrong reasons. Considering that Wanda has personal knowledge of who the superhero-hating Hayward is, she must know about his and his organization’s seemingly nefarious activities.

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