WandaVision: Quicksilver’s Age Of Ultron Slip-Up Could Be Significant

Quicksilver may have hinted at his hidden identity with a comment about his death in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which could explain his return and his suspicious behavior in WandaVisionWandaVision episode 6 depicted Pietro Maximoff as the childish sitcom uncle who fools around with his nephews, Billy and Tommy. The episode took a dark turn, however, when Quicksilver briefly transformed into a corpse and struggled to remember key events from his past, all while Vision tried to break free from Wanda’s reality. Vision’s failed escape forced Wanda to expand the Hex, but Pietro’s potential secret could have even bigger consequences for the superpowered family.

Quicksilver’s return and Vision’s resurrection might seem similar, but there are some key differences that may become important later down the line. Wanda stole Vision’s corpse from S.W.O.R.D. and created Westview to resurrect him. She willingly brought back her now-husband from the dead, yet she needed to hide the truth from him so he wouldn’t question her actions. On the contrary, Wanda wasn’t expecting her twin brother Pietro to show up at her doorstep, much less so with knowledge of Wanda’s necromancing escapades. Now, one of the main mysteries in WandaVision is how Quicksilver returned, why he looks different, and what his real intentions are. For now, some details support the theory that Quicksilver is the villain of WandaVision.

One line of dialog casts a strong shadow of suspicion over Quicksilver. When Wanda asks Pietro why his Sokovian accent disappeared, he answered that “details are fuzzy” and that he “got shot in the street for no reason at all.” This comes off as a blatant insult to his own death, as Pietro died as a hero in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he sacrificed himself to save Hawkeye, the only Avenger whom he had a close relationship with, and a Sokovian boy, who certainly reminded him of his own vulnerability as a child. Such a selfless sacrifice is by no means a death “for no reason at all.” Other contradictions include not remembering who Vision is when he first arrived at Wanda’s house despite having witnessed his birth, knowing Vision died despite not being alive to witness it, and Quicksilver’s false memory of him and Wanda wearing Black Widow and Nick Fury costumes when he and Wanda were children (Pietro didn’t even have silver hair at that age).

Also, when Pietro tells Wanda to open up about the creation of Westview, he inquisitively asks where Wanda was hiding all the children, a moment that is emphasized by a dramatic closeup and Wanda’s shocked reaction. Pietro also seemed to know how much the people of Westview changed, and another dramatic closeup on him when he asks Wanda how she “did all of this” underlines the brother’s suspicious behavior. He tries to earn Wanda’s trust with a rather convincing reminder that he’s neither a stranger nor her husband, and the moment he transforms into a corpse also seems to function as a tool for him to manipulate Wanda.

All of this is not yet solid proof that Pietro is a villain in disguise, but if one rewatches his scenes with these assumptions in mind, Evan Peters’ performance as Quicksilver fits perfectly with a villain who’s trying to deceive Wanda by impersonating a high-spirited version of her late brother. Quicksilver could be a victim of an unknown antagonist or even of Wanda herself, but only future episodes will reveal the truth. For now, Quicksilver remains one of the most intriguing enigmas of WandaVision.

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