WandaVision Mind Stone Art Imagines Scarlet Witch’s Final MCU Costume

Scarlet Witch’s full costume teased in WandaVision is imagined in new fan art. The penultimate episode of the Marvel Studios show revisited some of Wanda’s most traumatic experiences in the hopes of figuring out how exactly the Maximoff Anomaly began. The outing aptly titled, “Previously On” tackled the death of her family and her realization that Vision is truly gone, but it also gave new context as to how exactly the Mind Stone affected her during HYDRA’s experimentation on her and Pietro.

At this point, it’s been unclear how she became this powerful. Originally a mutant in the comics, Marvel Studios changed her origins with the X-Men rights still with Fox when she debuted in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The general assumption has been that the Mind Stone gave her and Pietro their respective powers, but that might no longer be the case with Marvel Studios re-acquiring the rights to use the mutants. Instead, it’s implied in the latest WandaVision episode that her capability to wield magic was latent, with the Infinity Stone only unlocking it for her to fully use.

During this scene in the episode, Wanda sees a vision of the Scarlet Witch in her original costume, complete with the headdress. WandaVision purposefully only showed the outline of the hero, but Nikolay Mochkin took the liberty to imagine what it fully looks like in his new fan art. Check it out below:

With Wanda officially getting her superhero nickname in the MCU as the Scarlet Witch, it only makes sense that she gets an updated costume. Ever since she debuted, she’s been a civilian ensemble with some hints to her alter-ego to pay tribute to her comic book suit. This new outfit was actually teased earlier in WandaVision, during its Halloween-themed outing where she dressed up as a “Sokovian Witch.” The outline of her headpiece was also subtly featured in the very first poster for the show. Aside from these hints, a separate, more recent one-sheet for the series already gave glimpses of the new armor, which is more likely where the artist got the idea for the smaller details for the artwork.

Given the many teases of Scarlet Witch’s proper costume reveal in the Disney+ show, it’s safe to assume that by the end of WandaVision, she will be sporting this new look. Since she’s able to manifest anything out of thin air, she could easily create this for herself, perhaps during the project’s final battle. As it is, Agatha Harkness is still believed to firmly be the narrative’s primary villain, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that a third entity secretly at play is revealed like Mephisto or Nightmare.

Source: Nikolay Mochkin

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