WandaVision Meets I Love Lucy: 5 Couples That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn’t)

Both WandaVision and I Love Lucy carry their own unique casts of characters. Each character is very different from one another on both series, and it makes for fun character dynamics. It’d be interesting to consider how characters from both shows would interact with one another and whether or not they would make a good couple.

Ricky and Vision may be good for one another, but Fred and Darcy would probably be another story, for example. In any case, some couples work, and some don’t for a multitude of reasons.

Under different circumstances, Ricky and Vision would have made good significant others for one another. Ricky is a performer and wishes for Lucy to be content as a housewife; with Vision, he would probably get what he wanted, as Vision is more easygoing, and in WandaVision, Vision is content with a simple work and family life. Ricky and Vision would provide a balance for one another, and they’d undoubtedly be happy together.

Fred is cantankerous and probably too old-fashioned for Monica, who wouldn’t have the patience needed to be with him. Likewise, Fred wouldn’t appreciate Monica’s ambitious nature or her independence. These two wouldn’t be the best pairing in the universe; in fact, they probably wouldn’t even hit it off as friends. They’re just too opposite, and better left separate.

Ricky doesn’t like it when Lucy fails to act as a typical housewife, but he loves her anyway. WandaVision shows Wanda yearning for and happily engaging with a home life in the suburbs. Though Wanda is a former Avenger and has powers, she obviously wants to settle down, and she would probably be content with being a housewife to Ricky, who would happily love the redheaded Avenger.

Wanda may slip up from time to time, but Ricky would have patience for her, just as he does with Lucy.

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