WandaVision: How Agatha Harkness Ranks Against Marvel’s Most Powerful Magicians

WandaVision pulled the curtain back on its Big Bad when it revealed that Agnes was in fact Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch from the Marvel Comics. Agatha clearly has an advantage against Wanda Maximoff in the MCU given the fact she put some kind of spell on her at the end of episode seven. But how does she fare against other Marvel magicians?

The only other major Marvel sorcerer in the MCU at the moment is Doctor Strange, but in the comics and in other Marvel movies, some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe are also practitioners of magic. Agatha fares well against some of them, but others not so much.

Wiccan’s powers in WandaVision so far seem limited to his mother’s telekinesis – and perhaps telepathy – but in the comics, he is also a powerful magician. He has natural mystical abilities that allow him to alter reality, making him very powerful, though not on the level of some other magicians.

At least, for the moment. In one possible future glimpsed in the New Avengers comic, he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme. He has studied the mystical arts in the comics, continuing to grow his powers even more.

Nicholas Scratch is the son of Agatha Harkness in the comics and is one candidate for who Quicksilver might actually be in WandaVision. Scratch is a powerful warlock who led a secret community of magicians called New Salem. He is an incredibly powerful magician, able to fire bolts of force and energy, and capable of travel between dimensions.

He also sometimes wields something called the Satan Staff, which allows him to focus his magic and channel the power of other magicians through it.

Scratch is powerful, but not as powerful as his mother. In the comics, Agatha Harkness is a powerful witch capable of staggering feats. One was to strip her son entirely of his magical abilities. Agatha did this after he tried to have her and others killed. Agatha also was able to place a spell on Wanda Maximoff that made her forget her children, Tommy and Billy, ever existed.

She did this after it was revealed that they were in fact magical constructs, created from fragments of the soul of the Marvel supervillain Mephisto.

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