WandaVision Finale Will Reportedly Be The Show’s Longest Episode

The runtime for WandaVision‘s finale has reportedly been revealed and, if accurate, it will be the show’s longest episode. WandaVision started out true to its MCU-busting form with thirty minute episodes that emulated the runtime of the classic sitcoms it was paying homage to. As the series expanded, though, so did its episode runtimes. WandaVision‘s  fifth episode explored the burgeoning conflict between Wanda and Vision before introducing its most shocking character yet, Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff.

Of course, WandaVision has come a long way since then. Wanda’s nosy neighbor Agnes was revealed to be Agatha all along, and although fans saw that twist coming, it was still an internet breaking moment thanks to the catchy tune that came along with the big reveal. WandaVision episode eight took a different route than previous episodes, with Agatha forcing Wanda to explore her past traumas so the sorceress could find out exactly how Wanda came to create the Hex. The end of episode eight, titled “Previously On…” had some big reveals and the series will have a lot of ground to cover in its finale.

Thanks to Reddit user u/Plenty_Echidna_544, we now have an idea as to how much WandaVision‘s finale will be able to cover. The redditor previously revealed the runtimes for episodes seven and eight accurately. Now, they have revealed the runtime for WandaVision episode nine and, at 50 minutes long, it is the series longest episode overall.

Without credits added in, WandaVision‘s finale with likely hit the forty three minute mark. The series’ credits have been a img of ridicule and criticism throughout the show’s run. Many have railed against them for interrupting the show at its most shocking moments and, while that’s ultimately the entire point of credits, some have also said that the length of the credits has been deceiving. They tend to shave off 7 to 10 minutes of the episode’s runtime, leaving many feeling cheated. Still, it’s safe to say that, after the last two episodes, WandaVision‘s finale may have a mid-credits scene or two.

With the fifty minute runtime, though, it may seem that WandaVision doesn’t have a whole lot of time to wrap up its various loose threads. The series is already confirmed to be leading into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but Westview’s story will likely come to a close with the end of WandaVision, seemingly leaving a lot on the cutting room floor. Many posited that, even after the Agatha Harkness reveal, there was someone else lurking in the shadows. That may not be the case – it seems like White Vision will act as the finale’s antagonist alongside Agatha. Even if WandaVision doesn’t follow through on its many threads and Easter eggs, there’s plenty more to come. WandaVision may be ending, but Phase 4 is just beginning.

Source: u/Plenty_Echidna_544

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