WandaVision Episode 8 Cast Guide: Every Marvel Character

WandaVision episode 8 reveals the history behind what happened to Westview, further developing its Marvel characters. “Previously On” takes the audience back to the beginning: The previous seven episodes gradually revealed the central mystery in the Marvel television show, but the penultimate episode of WandaVision fills in the missing background information, effectively setting up the season finale of the Disney+ series.

WanaVision episode 8 picks up immediately after Agatha’s theatrical reveal of her true identity to Wanda. Agatha has spent weeks observing Wanda’s magical abilities and selfishly demands answers about the origins of the Avenger’s powers. So, Agatha decides to take a magically-fueled walk down memory lane. The two witches revisit Wanda’s past memories in order to understand how her trauma shaped her powers.

WandaVision episode 8 primarily focuses more on previously introduced characters in order to flesh out their stories further, but the episode does briefly introduce a few new characters, some unique to the show and others well-known in the comics. Here’s a look at every Marvel character who appears in WandaVision episode 8 and who plays them.

Kathryn Hahn appeared in the first seven episodes of WandaVision as the nosy neighbor Agnes. Episode 8 marks her first full-episode appearance as ancient sorceress Agatha Harkness. While her full motives haven’t been revealed yet, Agatha informs Wanda that she’s been observing her untapped magical potential for the entirety of their stay in Westview. To get to the img of Wanda’s power, Agatha manipulates Wanda’s mind in order to walk through her past traumas and experiences that shaped her powers. By the end of the episode, Agatha concludes that Wanda is capable of dangerous and powerful Chaos Magic, making her the fabled “Scarlet Witch.” Hahn is a noted comedic actress, known for roles in projects like Bad Moms and Parks & Recreation. Those comedy chops allowed her to infuse a healthy dose of dark humor and mischief into her first fully-fledged performance as Agatha.

Episode 8 acts as an origin story for Scarlet Witch as a sorceress. Wanda’s powers are heightened by her past traumas. The flashbacks prove that her deep grief over Vision is what brought her to Westview as well. That intense emotion, played out in one of Elizabeth Olsen’s best MCU performances to date, pulled magic out of her that created the Hex around Westview. Outside of her work in the MCU, she appeared in Ingrid Goes West and Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Paul Bettany has a scaled-back, yet vital, role in “Previously On.” As Agatha guides Wanda through her memories, the pair stops in a shared moment between the couple in the Avengers compound. Vision is shown helping Wanda understand her grief for Pietro, which shows she will never stop loving her brother. Bettany returns in a surprising role in the episode’s post-credits scene. The penultimate episode of WandaVision shows that S.W.O.R.D. had taken custody of Vision’s body after his death to break him down and build his remains into a sentient weapon. The post-credits scene shows that they were successful and built a character known from the comics as White Vision, who is a resurrected version of the deceased Vision without emotions or human connections. The WandaVision season finale will likely see both versions of Vision square off. Aside from his appearances as Vision in the MCU, Bettany has appeared in A Knight’s Tale and Master and Commander.

It’s been long theorized that Josh Stamberg’s Tyler Hayward has nefarious intentions in WandaVision. “Previously On” has confirmed that. The flashback shows that S.W.O.R.D.’s Project Cataract involved tearing apart Vision’s body for the Vibranium. Despite what he told the rest of the team stationed outside of Westview, Wanda never stole Vision’s body. The post-credits scene confirms that Hayward took apart Vision in order to bring him back online, which resulted in the creation of White Vision. Before his work in WandaVision, Stamberg appeared in The Affair and Parenthood.

Kate Forbes as Evanora Harkness —  Episode 8 featured the MCU debut of Kate Forbes as Agatha’s mother, Evanora. She leads the Salem Witch trial against Agatha. The actress has previously appeared in A Dark Place and Term Life.

Gabriel Gurevich as Young Pietro — While it wasn’t the Aaron Taylor-Johnson Pietro memory that fans were hoping for, “Previously On” gives a look at a young Pietro in Sokovia. He teases Wanda for her love of sitcoms as they sit down for a TV night with their parents. Gurevich previously appeared on The Americans.

Michaela Russell as Young Wanda — For most of her life, Wanda believed she and Pietro survived the Stark Industries bomb that landed in their apartment because it was defective. But when Agatha and modern-day Wanda revisit the memory, the audience sees that is not the case. Agatha notes that Wanda saved herself and her brother by unknowingly casting a spell that protected them. This shows that she had powers long before the HYDRA experiments. This is technically the second MCU appearance for the young actress, as she was Young Hope’s photo double in Ant-Man and the Wasp. 

Ilana Kohanchi as Iryna Maximoff — Kohanchi appears in a memory as Wanda and Pietro’s mother Iryna. Iryna was shown clearly worried by her family’s financial state, but her optimistic husband puts her mind at ease. Kohanchi previously appeared in an episode of Brooklyn 99 and Veep.

Daniyar as Olek Maximoff  Daniyar plays Wanda and Pietro’s father Olek. Judging by the suitcase full of DVD box sets of American sitcoms, Wanda inherited her father’s love of sitcoms. The brief glimpse of Wanda’s parents shows that her childhood was once full of love. Daniyar previously appeared in The Laundromat and Sweetbitter.

Jett Klyne as Tommy Maximoff — As he was kidnapped alongside Billy, Klyne’s typically major part in WandaVision was scaled back for “Previously On.” Fans can likely expect him to return in episode 9 in a more significant way. Klyne previously appeared in The Boy and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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