WandaVision: 10 Ways The Show Could Lead Into Doctor Strange 2

The series WandaVision has turned Wanda Maximoff into one of the most powerful magic-users in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The series has introduced the fact that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, possesses Chaos Magic powers, and has the ability to change reality into anything she wants, and she doesn’t even know how she does it.

Wanda has faced off with Agatha Harkness, one of the most powerful witches in the world, and even she said Wanda is so powerful that she poses a great danger to the world. This is concerning, but the MCU has already introduced one powerful wizard, as Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme and Scarlet Witch will be in his next movie.

The biggest rumor in WandaVision is the villain behind all the events in the series is Mephisto. The thing with Mephisto is, he grants wishes to people and allows them to achieve their dreams in exchange for something.

While Wanda created this entire town on her own without asking for anything, there is always the chance that Mephisto could still be granting people’s dreams to come true in exchange for watching the world burn. Doctor Strange is a major Mephisto nemesis.

The other idea, and one that makes more sense after watching both the origin of Agatha Harkness and Scarlet Witch, is Nightmare is pulling the strings.

There has been a lot of symbolism throughout WandaVision, and it was Wanda’s fears and distress at all her dreams falling apart that made her create Westview in a sitcom image. Having Nightmare orchestrating everything could explain it all, and he is a lot more closely related to Doctor Strange than even Mephisto.

While Agatha Harkness was made out as the villain in WandaVision, that is not likely as accurate as one might think. Yes, Agatha dealt in the dark arts, but she was never doing anything overly evil in WandaVision other than trying to find out what she was dealing with concerning Wanda.

There is a good chance that Agatha could help train Wanda when all is said and done, but there is also a chance Wanda could go to Stephen Strange for help, as he is much more likely to teach her right from wrong than Harkness.

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