WandaVision: 10 Twists That Totally Shocked Us

Currently, there’s no event in pop culture as important or crowd-pleasing as WandaVision. The MCU’s first excursion into television, the show also represents a huge risk for the traditionally by-the-book universe, thanks to its slower and sitcom-inspired storytelling approach.

Seven episodes in, and with only two more to go, WandaVision is fast-approaching the finish line and there are still several questions unresolved. The last two episodes are bound to pack an even bigger punch and fans already filled the internet with countless theories about the possible outcome for the Scarlet Witch and her Vision. One thing’s certain, though, and it’s that the finale will provide even more of the twists and turns that the show has been providing since day one.

By episode five, the action in the show is already in full throttle. With a 1980s setting and two rapidly growing babies, Wanda and Vision are soon at their wits’ end. So when Agnes offers to care for the babies, Wanda agrees but Vision expresses concern. This makes Agnes seemingly glitch, going out of character and asking Wanda if they should just take the whole thing “from the top,” a common expression in acting which means re-starting the scene.

The sequence is creepy and tense, and a clear sign that Wanda’s reality is more feeble than it seems. Agnes’s willingness to step out of character was so abrupt and decidedly also hints at her real role in the story and the true extent of her influence.

Episode two of WandaVision is still presented in black-and-white. With a 1960s setting clearly inspired by Bewitched, it follows a sweet and slapstick plotline about Wanda and Vision preparing for the neighborhood’s talent show. The episode’s end, however, features the first clue that Wanda is seemingly in control of everything.

After hearing strange sounds outside their home, the couple discovers a mysterious beekeeper emerging from a manhole. Wanda immediately realizes he’s an intruder and rewinds the tape, resetting their reality to before the man appears. It’s a great way to hint at the idea of Wanda being in control without explicitly declaring it, and a perfect way to end the episode.

WandaVision features numerous commercials that tie both to the time period the episode is set in and to Wanda’s backstory. They’re usually odd and even a tad creepy, but not entirely dark. That changes in episode six, when the commercial takes a turn for the macabre.

It features a young boy on an island, hungry and alone. A shark emerges from the sea and hands him a pack of Yo-Magic yogurt before leaving. The weak boy tries but fails to open it and eventually dies of starvation. The tagline then claims that Yo-Magic is “the snack for survivors.” It’s a pretty dark and initially shocking ad that marks a distinct departure from the more abstract commercials that came before.

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