WandaVision: 10 Things To Know About The Vision Quest Storyline And The White Vision

WandaVision may have revealed its biggest twist yet in the form of the White Vision. The shocking reveal that SWORD Director Hayward has restored Vision’s original body and brought him back in a colorless, truly robotic form actually has its origins, like so much in the series, in the comics.

The white version of Vision appeared in the Vision Quest storyline in 1989, one of the most important Scarlet Witch and Vision comic book stories. This story and its direct aftermath have major implications for the outcome of WandaVision and perhaps also the future of the MCU.

Vision Quest took place over issues #42-44 of West Coast Avengers, written and drawn by John Byrne. Immediately preceding it, Vision suffered from glitches that left him with a lack of control over his powers. He is paralyzed and rendered unconscious after a battle with the villain Annihilus.

When he regains his abilities, he acts strangely and eventually tries to take over all the world’s computers. This leads a consortium of the world’s leading intelligence services to begin monitoring him in secret.

In Vision Quest, those intelligence services finally act. The United States government in concert with others abducts The Vision, and Wanda discovers him in a lab very similar to the scene in episode eight of WandaVision where she finds his body in a SWORD lab.

The scene in the comics is perhaps more traumatic. Vision is dismantled down to his circuits and his synthetic skin is simply ripped off and cast to the side, like a pair of old clothes.

Though the concerns about Vision’s behavior were genuine, what no one realized at the time was that the efforts of the world governments were being manipulated by a being named Immortus. This was part of a greater plot to manipulate Wanda’s life. He was focused on her for her power and status as a Nexus Being, a living gateway to the multiverse.

Given where the MCU is going in its next few movies relative to the multiverse, that likely has implications for WandaVision. Immortus is one of the many incarnations of Kang The Conqueror, a major Avengers villain who will appear in the MCU in Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantummania.

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