Vision’s Daughter is Ready To Be a Marvel Hero

Warning: contains spoilers for Champions #4!

Viv Vision has done a lot recently to cause her Champions ex-teammates to lose trust in her. She has not only let them go on believing that she is dead, she has continuously turned them in to C.R.A.D.L.E. as illegal underage superheroes. The reason behind her actions have been unclear — until now. In Champions #4, Viv confesses that she has been turning them in because she fears for their lives. Her friends are continuing to put themselves in danger and she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. After helping an elderly woman named Cora restore power, she has a heart to heart with her, discovering that she is ready to rejoin the team and become a hero.

After the supposed death of Viv Vision which severely injured her friend and teammate Kamala Khan, ‘Kamala’s Law’ was put into effect. This law made it illegal to be an underage superhero unless you team up with an older mentor. The Champions have been continuing to help those in need and disobey these laws, all while being on the run from the government task force dubbed C.R.A.D.L.E. After admitting all of this to Cora, the woman has some motherly advice for Viv, which leads Viv to realize what that she is truly ready to rejoin her team.

Viv Vision is dealing with an internal struggle — should she continue to report her friends knowing they are just trying to do good, or should she herself start standing up for what is right as well? Cora agrees that this is a hard decision to make, and offers a bit of help. She shares a photo of herself at a diner sit-in long ago, surrounded by people yelling at her and dumping things on her. When Viv asks why the people were mistreating her like that, she explains that while they were breaking the rules, the rules themselves were not fair. Cora suggests she discuss what to do next with her teammates and not shoulder this burden herself, as it is clearly getting to her.

This is the moment where a lightbulb seems to go off in Viv’s head. She knows that Kamala’s law is controversial in that some good people support it, and some do not. A decision should be made together, as Champions, on what to do next. After they face each other, they can take on the world as a team. The real question is, now that Viv wants back on the team, will her former teammates accept and forgive her?

She did betray their trust, let them think she was dead, and tried to get them arrested. It would have to take a really forgiving team for them to accept her back with open arms just because she is now ready to become a true Marvel hero. Readers will likely find out in Champions #5, but for now, they can be happy that Viv Vision is on the path to being a hero once more.

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