Valheim’s Mountain Biome: What’s Up There & How To Survive

Valheim is a breakout survival game from Iron Gate Studio, taking players through a variety of environments with a fantasy and Viking aesthetic. One of the many biomes players can explore in the game is mountains. This region is snow-covered and treacherous, which means being prepared is extremely important. Here’s what players need to know about the mountain biome and how to survive it.

There are currently nine different biomes in Valheim, even though three of them are still developing. One of the harshest biomes to survive is the mountains. Useful items like dragon eggs, three of which players will need to summon Moder, can be found here. However, on top of being a pretty inhospitable environment, the mountains are also home to some dangerous enemies.

Mountains are home to Drakes, Moder’s offspring, and also Stone Golems. These golems may appear as rubble until they attack, so it’s best to stay wary of these monsters. Wolves are also found in the mountains, and can pose a threat – however, wolves can be tamed in Valheim to become loyal companions. On top of the various enemies found in the mountains, the cold weather also gives the freezing status effect on players, which can be incredibly deadly if players are unprepared.

The freezing effect in Valheim is very dangerous, because it makes health regeneration impossible and reduces stamina by a large amount. To counteract this effect, players will need to drink some Freeze Resistance Mead or find a campfire to keep them warm. There’s also quite a few pieces of armor that will help protect players from freezing in Valheim‘s mountain biome.

Wearing a lox cape or wolf fur cape will protect players from the freezing effect. Crafting wolf armor is also a great way to avoid this, since the wolf armor chestpiece will negate freezing. Simply using the wolf armor legs, however, won’t protect players from freezing, so the chest should be the priority. With the right armor, mead, or nearby fire, the freezing effect will be negated and surviving Valheim‘s mountain biome will be much easier.

There are a lot of biomes to explore in Valheim, but the mountains are quite treacherous. With a variety of dangerous enemies like Drakes and Stone Golems, players will need to be cautious. Negating the freezing effect is also necessary if players want to survive in the mountain biome for very long.

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