Valheim: Who Is The Mysterious Disappearing Stranger

Since its release into Steam Early Access, Valheim has developed a pretty incredible following. With its harsh environments and fantasy monsters, there’s a lot to discover in this hit survival game from Iron Gate Studio. Some fans are spotting a mysterious cloaked figure in Valheim, who disappears if someone gets too close. So, just who is this mysterious disappearing stranger that seems to be stalking players?

There’s a lot to discover in a game like Valheim. From drakes that nest in the mountains to trolls that will appear and start attacking a player’s base, there’s almost always some new enemy trying to take players down. There are also landmarks to discover, and the world’s edge to sail to in Valheim, but how does the mysterious cloaked stranger fit into this?

The stranger appears in a dark cloak, with a walking stick and one glowing eye. Players may notice the figure on shorelines when they’re sailing, or in the forest when they’re exploring. Oftentimes, the figure will have a blue aura around them. While this mysterious stranger will appear in pretty much all of Valheim‘s biomes, it’s most often spotted at night, adding to the creepiness factor. And, if a player gets too close, the mysterious figure will vanish. This has led some players to speculate the figure is the grim reaper, but most of the evidence points toward the mysterious cloaked stranger being Odin.

Valheim is all about Vikings and borrowing elements from Norse mythology. So, it makes sense that a god like Odin, the All-Father and King of Asgard, could appear in the game. Odin also has one eye, since he sacrificed the other to gain more power in Norse mythology. The remaining eye sometimes glows, much like the mysterious stranger’s single eye in Valheim.

Beyond that, Odin is often portrayed as wearing a traveler’s cloak and carrying a walking stick when visiting the human realm. In this regard, it matches the mysterious figure’s appearance exactly. So, the best explanation is that the All-Father is watching over players, perhaps to determine if they’re worthy of Valhalla (which Odin rules over). And since Valheim is in early access, it could mean that Odin’s appearance hints at larger things to come as the game continues getting updates.

Officially, the disappearing stranger is still a mystery. However, given Valheim‘s connections to Viking myth and how much the figure looks like Odin in disguise, it’s almost certain that the mysterious cloaked stranger is the All-Father from Norse mythology, watching over players in Valheim from a distance.

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