Valheim: When Trolls Start Attacking Your Base & How To Defend It

It doesn’t take too long to encounter a Troll in Valheim, especially when exploring close to the Black Forest region. Trolls are relatively slow, making them easy to run away from. But when Trolls start attacking a player’s base, they can do massive damage and easily destroy the walls. This article will offer some helpful tips to keep player bases safe from Valheim’s enemy Trolls.

Trolls have a lot of HP. They can use tree logs or thrown stones as weapons, which can eat away at players’ health very quickly. Valheim event alerts like “The forest is moving” and “You are being hunted” mean a bunch of foes are about to storm the player’s base, and one of these means Trolls are on the way. When these events occur, a red circle encompasses the base being attacked, and the music changes.

According to the Fandom Valheim Wiki, the “The ground is shaking” event, which brings Trolls to attack, occurs only after players have defeated Valheim‘s The Elder boss and killed at least one Troll. Since they can be tough to take on, it’s best to be prepared for these Troll attacks before they happen.

At the very least, players should always have a hammer on hand – the more durability, the better. It’s smart to continuously keep tools repaired in Valheim. Players can attempt to quickly repair fortress walls and doors as they’re being attacked to make sure they don’t get destroyed and let Trolls and other enemies in. It’s also a good idea to keep walls repaired during calmer moments so that they won’t get destroyed as easily when enemies do show up.

To make a sturdy base, players can put up an additional row or two of stakewalls or stone walls. That way, if an outer layer is destroyed, the base will still be protected. They can also use a pickaxe to dig a very wide and deep moat around the base to prevent Trolls from getting close. One of Valheim’s bridges can then be built over it so players can enter and leave the base easily. It’s also recommended that players constantly have food in their inventories. Eating can allow health and stamina to regenerate faster, and this is especially important right before fighting tough creatures like Trolls.

For Trolls, specifically, the best method of defending one’s base, if it’s not well protected, is to run out and lure them away – preferably towards an open area like the Meadows. Ranged weapons such as a bow and arrows are some of Valheim‘s most useful weapons, and they can allow players to slowly chip away at a Troll’s health without getting too close. Wood arrows are the easiest to make, but, obviously, stronger arrows are better. Fire arrows only take resin, wood, and feathers to craft and are more effective against Trolls. Crude bows can be a little difficult to aim, as players typically have to shoot slightly above a target to hit it, but since Trolls are such large enemies, these can work fine in a pinch. Better bows mean easier aiming, however, and headshots do the most damage. It may take some time, but running from Trolls while firing arrows at them is a very effective way to take them down.

Having at least one other Valheim player to fire more arrows can be very helpful, but a single player can certainly defeat a Troll alone, with enough patience. Since players can’t dash, jump, or attack if their stamina bar is depleted, they should run from the Troll long enough for it to refill before trying to fire again. As players progress in Valheim and find better materials to craft weapons and armor, they’ll find taking down Trolls becomes easier and easier. Defeating a Troll rewards the player with useful items, too, like Troll hide and coins.

Source: Fandom Valheim Wiki

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