Valheim Player Brings Skyrim’s Whiterun To The Game

A Valheim player has committed their time in-game to constructing a 1:1 replica of Whiterun, one of the iconic city hubs featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Since its launch in Steam Early Access approximately one month ago, Valheim has become a haven for those who want to flex their creative muscles. And the survival title’s robust crafting and building tools have made it all possible.

In fact, one player already brought a little bit of Skyrim to the world of Valheim by recreating the High Hrothgar monastery in-game. The build didn’t only take the exterior design into consideration, either. It’s also filled with a detailed set of interiors that manage to impress in their own right. Another fan took it upon themselves to craft a wooden version of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. But the creative designs don’t end and begin with well-known locales from pop culture; Valheim players are putting the game’s tools to the test in a variety of other ways, as well. Roads are being built, for instance, along with vast settlements. And then there’s beer pong – yes, someone crafted a functional beer pong table in Valheim. It’s no surprise, then, that one user aims to take things a step further by constructing a fictional city.

Reddit user Djchieu recently shared footage of their work-in-progress build of Skyrim’s Whiterun. As noted by Game Informer, other users quickly gained an interest, asking for regular updates about the project. Thus, the last several days have seen Djchieu posting clips of what they’ve accomplished, so far. The work is nothing short of impressive, from the cobblestone streets and meticulously created stone entrances to the faithfully placed buildings and their stunning interiors. Djchieu told Game Informer it was “hard to ignore the possibilities,” given his love of Skyrim, the shared Nordic theme, and Valheim’s building models being near-identical to those of Whiterun. Other Redditors, such as r/Holly and r/Shady, have contributed, too, taking the design a step further with their updates.

Even in an unfinished state, this warrants consideration as one of the best build ideas in Valheim. That fans have been able to accomplish this much and more in such a short period of time exemplifies the game’s user-friendly qualities. User-friendly doesn’t mean simple, however. Developer Iron Gate evidently went above and beyond in implementing intricate tools that players could employ in nearly every way they see fit.

It would appear that millions of users are enjoying the experience, too. Within 16 days of its Steam Early Access rollout, Valheim had exceeded a staggering three million units in sales. The survival title also managed to top Among Us‘ concurrent players record on Steam. Seemingly, this serves as one tale of success that won’t soon come to an end.

Valheim is available to purchase now on PC via Steam Early Access.

Source: Djchieu, Game Informer

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