Valheim Mod Upgrades the Inventory System & Adds Quick Slots

Valheim has been out for less than a month and in its first few baby steps in Steam Early Access it has quickly scaled the ranks in popularity. The co-op survival game based in Norse mythology has even surpassed one of the leading multiplayer games right now, Among Us, in most concurrent players on Steam, and has sold 4 million units since its release. However, being such a young game yet to come out of early access, developer Iron Gate Studio still has some kinks to work out, and while it puts patches together, modders have stepped up to make the game and the lives of its players a little easier. Recently a mod has been released that changes the inventory to make more sense, and gives players some quick slots.

The inventory system in Valheim is unforgiving as it is in the unmodded game. This is probably meant to encourage players to work together to accumulate reimgs and build structures to carry or store more items in a communal area. Still, the minimal space and weight limit has players leaving piles of items scattered throughout the dangerous landscape as they attempt to prioritize items and make more room in their inventory. Some players have resorted to a glitch that was found that allows players to duplicate items in their inventory, which is especially helpful for solo players who don’t have time or help to painstakingly gather materials little by little.

However, with a lot of help from the still small modding community, players can lift some weight off their shoulders, or lift some items out of their inventory. Kotaku describes a new mod that, firstly, gives players separate inventory slots for their equipped items, and secondly, adds some quick slots, also separate from the inventory, that can be linked to hotkeys. Usually armor that the player is wearing takes up inventory spaces, and this mod fixes this frustrating and illogical idea. The extra hotkey-able slots are useful for getting to things quickly, like potions, or other items that might be needed during combat. The mod was made by RandyKnapp and is called Equipment and Quick Slots.

There are quite a few other mods that facilitate a more satisfying, fun experience in Valheim. The new Valheim Plus mod adds some small features that add some quality-of-life improvements to the game, letting players change the difficulty of the game and build more accurately. This enhances the ability to build impressive homes or structures for players who enjoy more peaceful gameplay, and some masterpieces have already sprung up in the game.

The official Valheim is definitely still lacking in the customization department, forcing players to play in the developer’s way instead of being able to carve out their own experience in this open world. Having such limited inventory space may have been a conscious decision from the developer to spur players into using teamwork to get through the game, but this still leaves a team of players to agonize over their inventory and equipment. Until Iron Gate Studio can release an update to its inventory system, players can thank modders for the small adjustments that make the game more enjoyable.

Valheim is available on PC.

Source: Kotaku

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