Valheim Map: How Big It Is & What Happens When You Sail To The Edge

There are a lot of different locations available for Valheim players to explore inside a massive open world filled with multiple biomes, enemies, and materials to collect, but Valheim’s play area isn’t infinite. As large as Valheim’s open world is, it is still a limited space, as clearly indicated by the in-game map which shows the land of Valheim floating in a field of stars.

This depiction of Valheim’s location in the universe makes sense from a lore perspective, as Valheim itself is a new mythical Norse realm which exists outside of regular life on Earth. Much like Valhalla, Valheim is a land where heroes are sent after death, but it is considerably more overrun with monsters than the realm of Odin and Thor. Players are tasked with ridding Valheim of its evil inhabitants and making it as glorious a location as Valhalla already is, and part of that task will inevitably involve mapping out all of the continents, oceans, and biomes Valheim has to offer.

The world of Valheim can feel a lot like a normal planet, what with the copious amounts of deer, boar, and minerals dotting its surface. Valheim doesn’t take place on a planet, however, it takes place in a mythological realm – something which players should keep in mind as they begin to reach the edge of Valheim’s map.

When Valheim players reach the edge of the in-game map, they might expect to end up on the opposite end. This would make a lot of sense, as the world depicted on Valheim’s map screen is a circular one located in space, which gives the impression of a planet somewhat like Earth. Images of planets, when shown in map form on 2D planes, are generally understood to wrap around each other. Sailing east from the edge of Australia would bring someone (eventually) to the east coast of South America, for example, despite most world maps not clearly indicating that this is the case. The same is not true in Valheim.

The world of Valheim is flat, and players can quite literally sail off the edge of it if they aren’t careful. This can be a frustrating thing to discover after a long sea voyage to foreign lands, especially if a player’s boat is loaded down with difficult-to-obtain items and their character is equipped with high-level armor and weapons. Unfortunately, sailing off the end of the world causes an immediate death in Valheim, so anyone who is planning on circumnavigating the map should re-plan their voyage lest they risk abandoning lots of hard work and effort.

To its credit, Valheim does discourage players from reaching the edge of the map, or at least it feels like it. As players inch closer to the northern edge they enter the North Sea, a place dotted with ice floes and bergs which can cause damage to their ship. Past that are a series of massive storms which, while not impossible to navigate, do definitely feel like they are a clear warning to Valheim’s sailors to turn back. Persistent players, unfortunately, will only be rewarded with death and a respawn.

The size of the world map for Valheim can seem daunting at first, and that’s because it’s huge. According to player estimates on Reddit, the map for Valheim is roughly 314km², which makes it not quite as large as games like Minecraft but still much larger than many other open world crafting games.

Valheim’s world map is massive, sprawling, and filled with interesting biomes, enemies, and secrets to explore. Players should remember, however, that it’s not infinite, and it’s not even spherical. Valheim is a flat world, unlike Earth, and anyone with a boat and a dream to map out the land can sail right off the edge and die if they aren’t careful.

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