Valheim: How to Transport Animals Across the Ocean

One of the most rewarding things that players can do in Valheim is tame and breed animals. Both Boars and Wolves can be tamed and bred, which allows for the player to have steady and reliable access to both their meat and hide. This will considerably cut down on the amount of time that players have to spend going hunting for these reimgs, so it is well worth the investment.

The biggest issue with Valheim though is that sometimes players will want to hop around the world to another base, or set up a permanent home somewhere else and they may not wish to completely start over. Unlike other reimgs, though animals sadly can’t be taken through a portal to reach a new location, and instead players will need to physically transport them to their new home. Those who want to take their animals to a completely new island will need to transport these creatures by boat. This guide shows players exactly how to do that.

There are a select few items in Valheim that can’t go through portals, which makes transporting them much more difficult in the game. Like metals and ores, animals will need to be physically moved across the map to get them to new places. Moving them across land is difficult enough, but if players want to get an animal like a Boar or Wolf across the ocean they will need to be a little more crafty.

The first thing that players will want to do is construct a boat, preferably a larger one like the Karve or Longship because they will have more space, and it’s less likely for an animal to fall out. The player will then want to pilot their boat to a shore that has a steep incline into the water so that there is land above the sitting area of the boat. The player will then want to construct a dock or platform of some kind that juts out from the shore and extends over the boat’s sitting area.

Once this has been done the player can then take the animals that they want to transport and get them to stand on the edge of this dock above the boat. The player will want to make sure that the animal is directly over the area that they want them to stand on during the journey and then destroy the platform that the animal is standing on. This will force the animal to fall and land directly in the boat, which will then allow the player to transport the animal wherever they wish.

Valheim can be played on PC.

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