Valheim: How to Reach Maximum Comfort Level (& What It’s For)

When players think of survival in games, they are likely to think about getting the basics like food, water, and shelter for their character, but, in Valheim, comfort and rest are also important. As players explore the tenth Norse world, they will eventually want the bonuses and benefits that come from their Viking character being well rested. Sleeping in a bed near a fire in a shelter with a roof will give players a brief rested buff and a low level of Comfort, but players can raise this with more comfortable furniture and decorative items throughout their Viking’s home base.

Comfort can increase the amount of time the Rested bonus is active. The Rested bonus increases Health regeneration by 50% and Stamina regeneration by 100%. Players will earn the Rested buff when their character sleeps each night. With a Comfort level of 0, the Rested buff lasts for 7 minutes. Each level of Comfort adds another minute to that time. The maximum comfort level players can reach in Valheim is currently set at 17 for a total of 24 minutes maximum with the Rested bonus active. It’s in a player’s best interest to increase their comfort level with each base they build to have an easier time exploring and fighting difficult enemies and bosses. Here’s how to reach the maximum comfort level in Valheim.

To increase Comfort in Valheim to the maximum possible level, players will need to include comfortable furniture in their home within 10 meters of their character. Certain luxury furniture items, like the Dragon Bed and the Raven Throne, will come with a higher Comfort score.

Because players need a Bed, Shelter, and Fire to get the Rested bonus in the first place, they will immediately have a starting Comfort score of 4. Shelter counts for 2 points, as long as it includes four walls and a roof. Players will need to add more objects and furniture to their homestead to increase their overall Comfort level.

Furniture of the same type cannot be stacked to earn players a higher Comfort score. The exception to this rule is Rugs. Players can include different kinds of rugs and earn +1 Comfort for each one. There is also currently a bug in the game that makes it so players with two pieces of furniture of the same type will only get the lower of the two Comfort scores added to their overall Comfort level.

Players can have one from each of the following categories count toward overall Comfort:

Fire (only when lit)



Decorative Objects also count toward Comfort level, and players can have as many of these as they want. In this category, Banners will not stack. The items players can have, and their associated Comfort score, are:

To get the maximum of 17 Comfort, players will need at least one Dragon Bed, Chair, Raven Throne, Table, Hanging Brazier, Lox Rug, Wolf Rug, Deer Rug, Hearth, and Banner. These will need to be within 10m of the player character, about 5 2×2 floor tiles, to count.

In addition to increased Health and Stamina regeneration, the Rested bonus will also augment the rate at which a player earns XP for various activities around Valheim. Players have found they earn about 40% more XP while the Rested buff is active, which gives an even greater incentive for players to make their home as comfortable as possible to max out their Comfort score each day.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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