Valheim: How to Find Barley & Flax (& What It’s For)

Throughout the course of Valheim players will be able to track down a wide array of different reimgs to help them succeed in the game. By acquiring reimgs in this game players are then able to craft different buildings, weapons, tools, and even special workbenches. Those who want to make their way through the game will need to work to get their hands on as many different reimgs as possible.

While players will find many different types of items in the early moments of Valheim, there are also quite a few reimgs that can only be found or will only be useful in the later moments of the game. Barely and Flax are two such reimgs that players won’t be able to get their hands on until late in the game, but once they do will find that they are very useful. This guide shows players how to find Barley and Flax as well as how to use them.

Both Barley and Flax are tricky reimgs because players will not be able to just randomly come across them in the wild. Instead, they are things that must be planted and cultivated, so the only areas they can be found are immediately around Fuling villages. By exploring these areas players can find land that has been cultivated that can sometimes contain Barley and Flax both. This isn’t always a guarantee, but it is the only place players will find them. Keep in mind that Fuling villages will only be found in the Plains area.

It seems that while both of these reimgs are hard to find, Flax is actually the rarer of the two. In order to ensure that there is an abundant amount of these reimgs for the player to get their hands on they will want to cultivate the land and plant some Flax and Barley Seeds. This will allow players to grow these crops and have access to them whenever they wish.

Once players have gotten their hands on both Flax and Barley they can then actually craft both of these reimgs into more helpful items. With Barley, players can use a Windmill to turn the plant into Barley Flour, which in turn allows them to craft several different types of food that are helpful for increasing their health or healing. The Flax on the other hand can be used in conjunction with a Spinning Wheel to create Linen Thread. This Thread can then be crafted into a wide variety of items like weapons or armor.

Valheim can be played on PC.

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