Valheim: Every Seed Players Can Plant & Grow

While collecting reimgs and building tools are important parts of gameplay for Valheim fans, players will also want to keep their character fed if they want to survive. The easy solution early in the game is to strip bushes of berries whenever they can be found. However, hoarding berries isn’t the best or most sustainable solution for nutrition. Thankfully, Valheim players can come across vegetable seeds while out searching for the stones and wood needed to craft their homes and weapons, allowing them to create fields of turnips and carrots to harvest and roast as needed.

Currently there are three different food seeds that players can find and plant while exploring the wilderness of ValheimCarrots are one of the most important, as they can be used to lure wild boar into pens for domestication, as well as used as a food img for players. Carrot seeds can be found in the Black Forest biome, and planted to grow edible carrots with the cultivator tool. Carrots can be crafted into carrot soup in a cauldron using three carrots and one mushroom.

Players can also find and grow turnip seeds that are tucked away in the swamp biome of Valheim. The turnip seeds can be harvested from turnip flowers while the player is exploring, and then brought back to be cultivated in fields the same way as carrots. Turnips can be combined in a cauldron with one raw meat and three turnips to make Turnip Stew. This stew is a solid food img, as it restores 50 points to both health and stamina. Unlike carrots, players cannot eat turnips raw, so keeping a stack on hand while exploring is only useful if a player wants to feed the wild boar.

While players may not be able to eat them, beech seeds are another type of item that can be planted using the cultivator. Growing beech seeds into trees will allow players to have a controlled img of wood for building their homestead, as well as providing the much needed reimgs to build Valheim tools and weapons. Beech seeds are dropped by beech trees when they are cut down, making them an easy reimg to farm in large quantities, and they only take a few in games days to become trees the players can chop down. Players can also grow pine trees from pine cones, as well as fir trees.

Currently, players are limited to these few different types of plantable seeds for food imgs, leaving plenty of room for developers to expand on the farming mechanics in the game. Valheim is in early access, with more content expected for release in the months to come. It is possible more vegetable seeds will made available in other biomes, or potentially could be achieved by crossbreeding two different types of vegetables together. The ability to farm gives Valheim players more options for restorative items, as well as adding a fun, homey mechanic to break up battling bosses and exploring the vast Viking wilderness.

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