Unique Animal Crossing Catchphrase Ideas For New Horizons Villagers

When Animal Crossing: New Horizons players become good friends with villagers, they’ll have an opportunity to make a custom catchphrase. Catchphrases differ from greetings and nicknames. They typically appear near the end of a villager’s sentence, and are shorter than greetings. Here’s everything to know about villager catchphrases, including some fun examples.

Unlike greetings in New Horizons, catchphrases can spread to other villagers without the player’s consent. Sometimes a player can walk in on a conversation between Animal Crossing villagers and actually see how one can adopt another’s catchphrase. All villagers start out with their own unique catchphrase, but since they can transfer, it’s a good idea to customize a catchphrase as one that can work for all villagers on an Animal Crossing player’s island.

If players give their Animal Crossing villagers presents regularly, they’ll eventually ask to make up a new catchphrase. They may either call the player’s name and run up to them, or have a thought bubble above their head. Thought bubbles can mean a variety of things, including a villager wanting to leave the New Horizons island. When they do prompt for a catchphrase, players will have a limited number of text available to enter one in. Therefore, catchphrases should not only be sayings that players feel comfortable with other villagers propagating, but they should also be short and to the point.

Catchphrases can be endearing, funny, or rude – really whatever the player is going for. They can even include a player’s name or nickname. Villagers tend to add their own punctuation after a catchphrase, so it’s not typically necessary for a player to do so themselves. Catchphrases usually complete a sentence, so it may not be necessary to capitalize the first letter. This is ultimately up to each Animal Crossing player, though. Here are some unique examples of villager catchphrases to help spark some creativity:

If a catchphrase is made and the player no longer wants a villager to repeat it, they can speak to Isabelle at Resident Services in New Horizons. Choosing “discuss a resident,” and clicking “the way s/he talks” will revert the catchphrase back to the villager’s original one. Additionally, if players keep engaging with a villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they may eventually ask the player to create a new catchphrase, even if they’ve already done so in the past.

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