Two Classic Green Lanterns Were Just Killed By DC’s God in Red

Warning: contains spoilers for Future State: Green Lantern #2

DC’s Future State and The God in Red have claimed two beloved members of the Green Lantern Corps. The GLC is scattered across the universe powerless. The Central Power Battery is dead, and so are the power rings of almost every officer in the Corps. The surviving members of the Corps face varying amounts of danger, some dealing with far more than others.

While Hal Jordan is finding himself in Abin Sur’s footsteps and Guy Gardner is busy starting a religion, John Stewart leads a ragtag band of Lanterns and other survivors in a rebellion against the brutal vanguard of the planet conquering followers of the God in Red. Calling themselves Firefists, the God in Red’s ground forces are savage fighters that prefer to get up close and personal against their victims. To combat them, the ringless Stewart, G’nort, and Salaak are forced to fight dirty themselves.

Despite a valiant effort and a staggering amount of clawing, shooting, and stabbing, John Stewart’s A-Team suffers some major casualties to the God in Red’s forces. Salaak is crushed to death by debris. And even with his bestial new upgrade, G’nort dies to a blade to the back. After fighting back against overwhelming odds himself, Stewart is finally captured. While things look bleak, the timely arrival of the real God in Red and an ingenious plan on Stewart’s part, the remnants of the Green Lantern Corps end the day with a brand new army at their back.

While the good guys ultimately win, the losses of Salaak and G’nort take a heavy toll. The fact that the bumbling and sweet G’nort had to transform himself into a feral killer to fight against this new enemy and still had to die is gut-wrenching. Even though he’s been killed before (by Xenomorphs no less), Salaak’s fate is just as tragic. Ever-reliable and by the book, Salaak was the Captain Ray Holt of the Green Lantern Corps. A welcome and stabilizing presence, who made for a great counter to hotheads like Hal and Guy.

While Future State is wrapping up in March, the new Infinite Frontier initiative appears to be making many of the developments of the former event stick. While the news that characters like the Tim Fox Batman and Yara Flor Wonder Woman are sticking around is a happy development, the oncoming deaths of Salaak and G’nort are not. Pour one out for the Green Lantern Corps, it’s going to lose two of its best.

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