Trailer Park Boys Is Getting Its Own Comic Book Series

Trailer Park Boys has a new comic book series on the way. No, you aren’t in a hallucinogenic coma like the boys in jail, this is real. The cult series took a dive into a new medium when the latest season aired as animation, which then spun off into its own animated series. Now, the gang is back at their antics, taking their animated selves off of the screen and onto the page. Who’s ready to get greasy!?

For those unfamiliar with Trailer Park Boys, the series is a mockumentary in the style of other popular comedies such as The Office or Parks and Recreation, although its concept actually predates both shows, with its original movie that spawned the series releasing in 1999. The show follows ex-convicts Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles and their lives within the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park as they attempt to run cons and petty crimes to get by. Think of it as almost an adult live action Ed, Edd, N Eddy but with drugs instead of jaw breakers. Trailer Park Boys has spawned a cult following, expanding the brand beyond just a show into live stage shows and comedy acts, as well as launching their own streaming service known as SwearNet, which recently aired the 13th season of the live action show entitled Trailer Park Boys: Jail. With how much expansion the series has seen, it was only a matter of time before they got their own comic book.

Trailer Park Boys Incorporated have teamed up with Chicago based Devil’s Due Comics to create a cavalcade of comics surrounding the group’s mishaps. Decent! The nonsense begins this spring 2021 with a limited Preview Book, giving fans a taste of what is to come. The boys will return to the page in the fall of 2021 with a combination of Special Edition anthology one-shot and miniseries comics. The first issue is now available for pre-order right here.

This isn’t Devil’s Due Comics’ first foray into bringing television series into the realm of comic books either, in fact they are responsible for the comic-ization of Family Guy. Not only is Devil’s Due Comics helping out with the publication, but the founder of the company himself, Josh Blaylock, is stepping in to curate the project personally.

“This is the perfect fit for us,” says Blaylock. “I have the ultimate respect for what the Boys have built from the grass roots into a true phenomenon. We’re going to have a lot of fun with the kind of stories we can tell, marketing stunts we can pull, and talented comic pro fans of the show we’ll be working with.”

Luckily, this new partnership will bring about more than just the comics, promising tons of new merch as well. Posters, prints, enamel pins, and limited merchandise using art from the comics are on the way, and, COVID permitting, will be available at some super fun live events to launch and hype the series.

Pre-order the first issue of the upcoming Trailer Park Boys comic series now!

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