Top 10 Sibling Relationships In K-Dramas

The sizzling romance between the two main characters in a K-drama enthralls any fan. But audiences can’t also help but remember the comedic and often emotional sibling relationships as well. There are a number of K-dramas that play upon a common trope of long-lost siblings, or even an aggressive rivalry.

In other cases, the sibling relationships have fans laughing-out-loud and relating to their close bond. There’s nothing like a quarrel between a brother and sister to keep things fun and entertaining. While some relationships may be more childish in nature, others will have fans shedding a tear at the immense love between them.

What fans came to love about this sibling relationship is that they’re not actually siblings. But that didn’t stop them from developing a close bond as brothers. Joon-hyung (Nam Joo-hyuk) was abandoned by his mother and sent to live with his aunt and uncle. His cousin, Jae-yi (Lee Jae-yoon) never rejected him and instead welcomed him with open arms.

In this K-drama, they often joke with each other and are each other’s support. But when Joon-hyung learns that his love interest fancies his brother, things get a bit weird. He never came between them but when his brother is oblivious to how he made her feel, he’s quick to put him in his place.

It’s clear that these two are siblings just by their names alone. While Cheese in the Trap became well known for its love triangle and “second-lead syndrome,” fans also remember the sibling relationship. It’s a relationship that might have rubbed people the wrong way at times.

In-ha (Lee Sung-kyung) is spoiled rotten and often uses others to support her lifestyle. This is no different when it comes to her younger brother. In the drama, she begs him for money and he has no choice but to give her what he just earned. He has a hard time with her being so melodramatic but supports her regardless. But fans can admire how dedicated she is to protect him, although it goes terribly wrong at one point.

Fans adored the comical yet realistic relationship between the Byeon siblings in My Father is Strange. Joon-young (Min Jin-woong), Hye-young (Lee Yoo-ri), Mi-young (Jung So-min), and Ra-young (Ryu Hwa-young) encompassed what many would expect from a group of siblings. They have deep devotion and love for each other but it didn’t mean bickering didn’t occur.

Like most siblings, they casually hit each other over small mistakes and even get into some screaming matches. But what siblings don’t? It’s all in good fun and love. While each sibling has their own personal lives to deal with, they always come together to support each other.

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