TikTok: What IB Means & How To Avoid Confusing It With Another Hashtag

It is not uncommon to see “IB” in the description for a TikTok video, although its meaning might not be immediately obvious to everyone using the platform, and especially new users. While the two letters together can mean more than one thing, there’s a very common meaning for “IB” on TikTok and a very simple way to identify if this is what a content creator is referring to.

The viral video platform comes with many traits that are unique to the service and that also goes for some of the language that’s used. For example, many often refer to others and themselves as either straight” or “elite” on TikTok, and this is another area where the meaning is not always clear to everyone. Getting used to the language used on TikTok is an important part of the overall experience.

There is more than one meaning for the use of “IB” on TikTok, although one of the most common definitions is simply “inspired by.” Many content creators tend to use it as a way to give credit to another creator. As an example, when recreating a video made by someone else, then “IB” is likely to be mentioned in the description. It is widely used in this way and even by some of the biggest TikTok stars, including Addison Rae. In some cases it will be a hashtag while in others it might not be. Likewise, it can sometimes be capitalized or displayed in lower case, although the meaning remains the same.

With the way hashtags tend to work, there can be more than one meaning for any particular one and this includes IB. However, there is a very simple way to tell if the content creator really is giving credit to another user or if the hashtag is referring to something else. Essentially, if crediting another TikTok user then the “IB” reference will be directly followed by the other creator’s TikTok handle. Without this mention, no one would actually know which TikTok creator the current video was inspired by. Therefore, in cases where the “IB” reference is not followed by an @, the TikTok creator is probably referring to something else entirely.

Again, getting used to the language and especially the abbreviations and acronyms will help to make sure the user is getting the full TikTok experience. After all, it is not only users that often shorten words, as TikTok also does it as well. The most notable example of this is the very commonly used “FYP” acronym, and another one any TikTok user will need to get used to almost immediately after signing up.

Source: Addison Rae/TikTok

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