TikTok Color Personality Test Explained: How To Find Your Color

One of the latest trends to be doing the rounds on TikTok is the Color Personality Test. Unlike other trends that have gone viral on the platform recently, understanding how to do this one and finding out someone’s personality color is less obvious. The good news is, it’s not that hard to find your own color shade once you know where to look.

TikTok is a popular and viral platform. When the two combine, the service has the ability to really make videos and trends take off. A lot of the time, trends include actions that can simply be repeated by others, but on some occasions they require the user to first access another app or website before creating their own contribution to the trending topic.

That’s also the case with TikTok’s Color Personality Test. For those new to what’s happening, many TikTok users have recently been uploading videos confirming their personality’s color. There are various hashtags associated with the trend including #personalcoloranalysis, #colorpersonality, #personalitycolors and, of course, #personalitycolortest. However, what is less clear is just how someone goes about finding out what color their personality is.

For those looking to identify their personality color, it’s pretty easy to do. All of those who have taken part in the Color Personality Test so far are using the ktestone.com website. Once there, and after initiating the start of the test, the user will be asked twelve questions in total. Each one is designed to identity different traits to help build up a personality profile. For example, the type or questions include whether someone likes to talk to their friends first or prefers to let them start the conversation. Or, whether someone prefers to meet up with their friends at the weekend or stay at home. Once all the questions have been answered, the test assigns the user a personality color based on all of their responses.

Once the color has been identified the user is free to upload their own video with the results. One popular option for the video includes using a green screen effect with the ‘start test’ image in the background behind the creator, before then switching the image to the color test results page as the big reveal. All the while set to this original sound by brooke. Of course, for anyone who simply just wants to find out what their personality color is, there’s no obligation to actually upload a video to TikTok after taking the test.

Source: TikTok

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