This Animal Crossing Pokémon Battle Is Perfectly Done

In yet another fan-made homage to Pokémon, a talented group of Reddit users have recreated a battle using a pair of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The latest installment of Nintendo’s highly successful small-town life simulator features a number of deep customization tools, allowing players to create tributes to their favorite video games and TV shows for all to enjoy – at least when they aren’t busy holding rather creepy in-game weddings.  

This fan devotion to external franchises of course extends to the equally popular Pokémon franchise, which fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have honored in a number of different ways over the past couple of months. Players have built their own Pokémon Stadiums, rendered custom towns with the pixeled look of the Pokémon Gold and Silver games, and have even imagined the Pokémon series’ trademark pocket monsters living within the Animal Crossing world itself.

Now, a group of fans called The-Nooksters has recently posted a clip of a Pokémon battle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to the franchises dedicated subreddit yesterday. The brief mock battle features two villagers dressed as fabled rivals Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak facing off in a grassy backyard as they command their makeshift pokémon, with Drift filling in for Ash’s Charmander and Pate taking the role of Gary’s Squirtle. What comes next is a near-perfect recreation of the Pokémon series’ famous creature-on-creature showdowns, including spot-on command menus and text boxes, music, and sound effects pulled straight from the games. The creators hilariously even let loose a Gary Oak quote from the Pokémon anime when his “Squirtle” is ultimately bested in the end. Check out the video below:

Animal Crossing players’ affinity for creating impressive Pokémon tributes is somewhat ironic, as Animal Crossing: New Horizons managed to outshine even the recent Pokémon Sword and Shield’s sales figures in Japan within its first week on the market. Despite this, the Pokémon Company has just declared 2020 to be their second most successful year on record, bolstered by the aforementioned Sword and Shield, the continuing profitability of Pokémon GO, and exciting new announcements like an upcoming board game based on the long-running Pokémon Trading Card Game 

With all of this in mind, The Nooksters’ recreation of a Pokémon battle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is both adorable and on-the-money in terms of its level of attention to detail. These two iconic Nintendo franchises seem to fit well together due to their colorful worlds and emphasis on cute, distinct characters, a similarity fans also must find readily apparent when taking stock of the ever-growing number of in-game Pokémon tributes created using Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ impressive customization features.   

Source: The-Nooksters

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